Leonid Afremov – Beauty through colour

One of my favourite artists is relatively unknown painter Leonid Afremov, whose vividly colourful style caught my eye from the very first time I saw a painting of his. I love the bright rainbow colours which are incorporated into night-time scenes and really show how light shimmers and is reflected. The bold strokes of his paintings only makes the finer details seem more intricate and delicate, and the vivacity of colour is like nothing else I’ve seen in terms of artists. I love the way the scene is reflected in rain-drenched floors and how the lanterns still glow as the focus of the pictures. Below are just a few examples of his lovely work:

Images owned by Leonid Afremov

Afremov’s main painting techniques is using oil paints and a pallette knife to apply the paints, which creates a lovely vibrant look which creates in its layering, a sense of movement and fluidity. I love how the bright colours work together to create the image, as if Afremov sees this brightness of life in a way that none of us can quite see in the everyday world, and to see this on canvas is as if we are seeing passion manifested into rainbow images. What also appeals to me is the motif of couples which appear in a lot of his paintings, they are solitary figures in the paintings which create an intimate, private moment, as if they really are in a magical world.
Leonid Afremov currently has his own auction website where he sells each of his unique paintings, and I have already picked the painting I want to buy, as for me this is a must-own item to treasure. It’s not too expensive, the main costs are the shipping and handling, but seeing as I’m am going to get an original, I think it’s worth it. Most of his works are like snowflakes, no single painting is the same as any other, so they all have their unique images. I’m still waiting for it to be delivered to me, but will post a pic once it arrives (after I’ve finished jumping around the house in glee with the painting in my hands).

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