Weekly Rock-Paper-Scissors Links

The wait is over, the time has come! After months of suspense, and weeks of moving speeches, lining up outside Leicester Square for the first glimpse and powerful emotions, the big moment has come…my painting’s arrived. Oh and the latest Harry Potter movie’s been released.

For those of you who can’t get enough of the Potter phenomenon, I’m sure you have seen the spate of spoof emails, posters and similar that has been floating around the net. Here’s such as few examples, such as these Harry Potter comics, silly but still gives a few giggles, and likewise this record of people with Harry Potter-based statuses. My favourite was this one, now that’s a prank.

After previously admitting that they would be at a loss if there was a Zombie Invasions to occur, Bristol City Council has finally announced that they have a plan in place to deal with fully qualified zombie handling.

This website compiles all the silly comics and ideas that deemed worthy of attention. This one about haircuts is cute (and applies to most girls I know!)

With Twitter comes the inevitable comics and illustrations to really describe a ‘tweet’, and apparently these are called “twaggies“. And why not add a new made-up word to the Oxford dictionary eh? I do like this one though : )

That’s about it, all I have to say now is just enjoy that last calm silence this week…before all the kids get released from their cages at school and roam the country for the next six weeks. Might want to watch the Harry Potter film now while you can still hear the soundtrack before all the wailing kids arrive! Enjoy the weekend, all.


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