Manic Muslim – The Online Muslim Satirist writes back

I love love LOVE site Manic Muslim, written by a Muslim with in-jokes for other Muslims and witty humor that non-Muslims can still relate to. I refer you to the blog’s several acute and extremely funny satirical articles, such as the ‘halal’ Muslim Board Game ideas, and the ‘America’s Next Top Villain‘ contest,  which force the reader to not only look at how Islam has been take out of context sometimes, but also shows how the Muslim generation of today should take into account all the different factors of this contemporary, techno-cyber world that that are constantly evolving  in order to not go crazy.

I love how this guy has, through his ‘advice’, observations and tips (see his version of the benefits of hijab), managed to point out it is easy for anyone to becomes a hypocrite while preaching their own message.  And of course there’s articles on there that are just pure fun – like this version of an online MSN nikkah. A website that’s well worth a read here! Don’t assume of course, that this is in any way making fun out of any religion or beliefs  – in a way that reminds of me the popular ’90s show ‘Goodness Gracious Me’ (google it if you’re not sure, you won’t regret it!) – this writer has managed to poke fun of ourselves in this Facebooking, Twittering, Blackberrying age where we have forgotten about the principals of human interaction and how to follow our own faith in a way that is too conscious of doing the right thing and begins to lose the spirit of what they are doing and why they did it in the first place.

I think the best way that he sums it up is here:

“That problem is that we are scared of the wrong things. We shouldn’t fear people. Just insects, rollercoasters and blankets.”


Definitely check this website out, and give me your thoughts : )

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