Weekly Ghostbustin’ Pacman Links

Weekend time means random links time. And maybe some films-slash-cakey-eating time. Enjoy these while I put the lights off and watch films in the dark.

This is kind of cute – Disney sloth princesses. I think I live with a few of these princesses.

How well do you know your fonts? Here’s a way to find out.

Not sure if you’ve seen this, but thought this was a sweet advert about how some people see themselves. Click here for the men’s version too.

Very simple and yet so cool. I’m pretty sure we can just paint the ones we have at home already though.

Is street art, art? I say it is, and so does this blogger.

Some very cool cakes and snacks you can try out and send to me. These ones are one of my favourites, although the Donkey Kong one comes a close second.

This is different, obituaries for things. Like a stressed out basketball.

Batman themed art and comics. I quite like this Batman’s Last Supper one.


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