We Love Miniatures <3: The Tiny Ship in a Tiny Bottle

I’m a big fan of miniature things, and I try to find teeny-tiny things from new places I visit or holidays I go to as souvenirs (which I then put in my teeny doll house and enact Friends episodes with.  Okay, not really).

This tiny ship-in-a-bottle is one example, it’s only about three inches long and one inch high, and has a cute little ship inside (can ships be cute? I don’t know, but this one is). I’m sure you can see that the ship in this bottle is not highly detailed, it’s simple and was probably cheap to make, but I like how different it looks, and it’s certainly one of my favourite miniature souvenirs : )




We Love Miniatures <3: Teeny Tiny Knitted Amigurumi Animals

I’ve recently discovered the Japanese art of Amigurumi, which is basically teeny tiny knitted or crocheted animals, which look adorable and very exquistely made. I found this seller on Etsy who sells some beautiful knitted animals (they’re not cheap though, at around £30 -60 per tiny knitted animal loveliness), and these are just a few of the animals I want in my imaginary dollhouse-slash-ark. Along with the mini Cookie Monster, ‘kay?

8Images belong to Su Ami

We Love Miniatures <3: Teeny Tiny Food Art

I love all (or at least a lot of) thing miniature, especially when they’re not the usual size. Partly because they make me feel like Chandler with his miniature bottles and partly because they look so goshdamn cute.

Like these beautifully crafted tiny food art by artist Shay Aaron who has made some beautiful (and delicious!) looking pieces which look perfectly realistic, although very tiny. He’s even made some lovely pieces into jewellery, which can be bought from his Etsy shop (I’m eyeing up a few pieces already!) Whether it’s cookie cufflinks, macaron stud earrings or a pizza plate pendant, there’s some beautiful pieces which have been made here, and some serious talent.

I don’t even have a doll-house or a mini cooker baking set, but I want all of these. I’d just look at them and line them all up in a shelf and then probably get hungry from looking at them. Or just wear them all at once, I dunno. I’m still deciding which is my favourite piece because there’s so many, at the moment I’m liking the mini Belgian chocolates though!

All images belong to Shay Aaron

Food with Personality – Terry Border’s Food Magic

“You know those things about yourself that you’re self conscious of? Those quirks that you’re trying to hide? Those are not your weaknesses, those are your strengths.” – Terry Border

Terry Border is a genius at making ordinary objects (mostly food, but also other items too) come alive in a loveable, hilarious way, made even funnier when you find out the name of each of his pieces. Behind each pictures is a clever idea (or pun) which works so well with the detail of the picture, adding character and mischief which surprisingly have a very sometimes sinister tone (I’m sure the McD Fries monster picture is a comment on evil corporations preying on smaller companies, but that could be just me.) However way you want to take it, Terry Border’s creations are a delight and certainly an idea that I’d want to try a hand at myself : )


Mail Order Bride:

Cereal Killer:

Side of Baby Carrots:

Star of the show:

Stud Muffin:

A Horrific Yarn:

Paper Training my dog Frank:

Zombies are nuts about brains: