View From My Window: Blue Skies and Concrete Jungles

We’ve been enjoying some late summer weather recently (although we haven’t been enjoying the humidity!), so I thought I’d post the view from my office window. There’s plenty of buses, trains and pedestrians below (there’s a train station and a bus station nearby) but I thought I’d crop out the hustle and bustle and focus on the serene, beautiful blue clouds : )


A View From a Bridge

Yep, I’m still on that quest for a perfect sunset (and still looking!), I really think the clouds in London are a big hindrance though – mething I need to travel outside where the air is clearer and relax on a big hill (romantic filum style) and watch the sun go down.

Meantimes, is this view from the big bridge leading to Westfield shopping centre (not taking during the mad sales, I swear), which I liked because of the silhouette outline of everything, and the fact that the blue sky blends into white and yellow. Would have preferred a bit more colour in the sky though!

DSC00075 - Copy

View from a Work Window

Another attempt with the sunset mission with my not-so-amazing camera (new one coming soon, folks!), this time out of one of the windows of my workplace. I was trying to  get a silhouette-y look here, with the different colours of the sunset, but didn’t get much of a wide spectrum this time. Plus there were a lot of ugly construction work and old buildings in the way which made this less prettier. The one part of the picture I did like was the silhouette of the ArcelorMittal Orbit landmark which can be see on the right, which always looks to me like a lone rollercoaster which has wandered into the city.  Also, if you look closely you can see the moon starting to appear on the left. I think I need to wait a bit longer to get a better colour spectrum for this kind of shot. Or perhaps keep the focus on the cityscape line, with less of the picture being cluttered up by the construction work and railway buildings. An interesting first attempt with this shot though, I think.