I know, I know, I’ve disappeared a little from blogging, but I’m still around, fear  not! I’ve been immersing myself in classic films and long books to enjoy a little time to myself and it’s nice not to have a little nagging pressure of worrying about cooking, tidying, working or tip-tapping away on my keyboard (until the weekend’s over and it’s back to work!)

Today’s weekly photo challenge is ‘transition’ – be it the general phasing of one thing to another, or a general progression as you learn more to go higher. It made me think of two things, firstly, the beautiful blues and greens of the clear waters in Greece when my husband and I visited in the summer, secondly, about my own journey with writing and the idea of ‘going with the flow’.

I won’t bore you with a philosophical rant (and it probably wouldn’t make sense!) but I’m loving the idea of writing and seeing where I go with it, as well as travelling to new places and seeing where we end up. I’m sure this will always remain an ongoing thing with me, and something to always explore, but it’s also something to interpret and re-interpret – progression, transition and the journey it takes us on.


Throwback Thursday: Invisible Pirates at Lulworth Cove

I’ve been a little out of the picture lately, but I do have lots to post about! In the meantime, enoy this favourite memory of mine, when we visited Lulworth Cove which was a beautiful, peaceful place with amazingly blue water. We didn’t see any pirates, but the place did remind me of old Enid Blyton books where the heroes hid behind cliffs watching pirates using coves to hide their stash. Or something.

I’ve made you want to go read an Enid Blyton book now, haven’t I?


Durdle’s Door & Lulworth Cove, Bournemouth

This place is officially on my Top Ten list of most amazing places ever. It’s not just the beautiful greeny-blue clear water, or the high rock formations (or ‘Durdle’s Door’, as it’s called) with its beautifully cool breeze. It’s that feeling of serenity which settles over you as you slowly gather closely to this beautiful place, the clean pebbles which crunch under your feet, and the feeling of being completely elsewhere, somewhere outside of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and it’s pollution.

Don’t get me wong, I love living in the city, London is home to me like no other, but when you get away from its crazy traffic, all those congested shops and materialistic, designer brands and stresses of crisp-white-shirted offices, to a beautiful place like this, it’s gives you a chance to switch off, relax and forget re-charging those batteries, just take them out.

We only spent a day at this beautiful place, but it was honestly the highlight of everyone’s day. I think it was also better because none of us expected to be this peaceful and beautiful, and it’s really a journey climbing down, walking down, strolling down (nearly falling down in my case!) before you even get to the shore. For me, this is the stuff of holiday brochures, but with all the sounds, salty smells and little jigs that come with it. I could go on more about what a beautiful place this is, but I’ll let the photographs say it for me – this is really a memorable, special place for me (especially as my sisters and friends chalked my name in BIG LETTERS on the cliff walls for me) – and I can’t wait to go back.







Waterdrops on Flower tops

These are a from a series of photographs I did of my mum’s garden last weekend, which I loved because it looked all dewy and natural (sounds like a foundation advert, don’t I?), and because I love the shades of purple the flowers are in. These are one of my favourite types of flowers, giant daisy-types (I have no idea what the name of these ones are, I’m a big ignoramus, me), but I liked how well my camera picked up the detail of the petals and droplets in these. Next, pester my mum to grow me some sunflowers!




Sandy times at Bournemouth Beach

I mentioned last week that the sisters and I visited Bournemouth over the Bank Holiday weekend, and loved the peaceful, clean sandy beach, the cool breeze and the tasty, tasty fishenchips. I’ll let the pictures do the talking, but suffice to say that we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly (I got half my clothes wet but it was worth it to get some of these shots!) – the long drive down was definitely worth it!








Escape to Bournemouth Beach

Sounds like one of those 50’s swamp movies, doesn’t it? Although this was less of a horror film and more of a beautiful retreat to the beautiful Bournemouth region. I love travelling all over England and the Bank Holiday weekend just gone was a perfect opportunity to go on a (sort-of) road trip with the family and plant some feeties in some tidal waters. Here’s one of my favourite shots from the day : )

DSC_1605 (2) - Copy

A Scorching Day out to Clacton-on-Sea

We made the most of our Bank Holiday weekend by doing the obvious thing – bringing together several members of the family clan, making a home-made picnic basket (or three) and driving down to Clacton-on-Sea in our family vans. As you do, on sunny days.

Here’s a few pictures of the results, the sun was glorious, everyone had plenty of ice-cream and I went home with a tan (which could also have just been a dirty face, most of my ‘tans’ wash off at the end of the day). How was your weekend?



The Amazing Liquid Art of Markus Reugels

Just amazing stuff. I’ll let the pictures do the talking, because quite frankly, I’m not even sure how artist Markus Reugal managed to photograph and manipulate such complex pictures of water-drops (h, but the images are just beautiful.

German photographer Markus creates his own sets and photographs water droplets using powerful lens to capture beautiful, unique images as the water is blown, steamed, coloured and almost everything else to get different direction of water and it’s ripples. You can look at one of his set-ups here to get an idea of how he goes about getting different images, but I’m sure can agree that the end result is spectacular.

All images are copyright and belong to Markus Reugel

Majestic Ships at South Quay

I love all things ships and boats (mostly my love involves riding on them and feeling the breeze, I have absolutely no knowledge on how to sail one, hijack one or how to build one. I do know a few pirate terms though.)

Made a quick trip to South Quays today and was delighted at the amazing number of huge ships that was there, this was one of the more traditional looking ships, although there was a huge modern cruise ship just around the corner in the docks. Perhaps I shall be re-visiting again on September 19th?