Vintage Mondays: Pandora’s Wardobe, A Hidden Fashion Treasure Trove

I love vintage shops, and I was lucky enough to come across one a couple of days ago with some beautiful designer vintage-wear in it while on a trip to Hastings and St Leonards-on-Sea. I love the name of it as well – Pandora’s Wardobe, implying secrets from a box wrapped up in beautiful things froom a wardrobe, very appealing (although excuse my reflection in the picture, entirely accidental!)

And there’s definitely some goodies in here which caught my eye, I saw a beautiful black and gold embroidered vintage evening jacket, a vintage silk Karl Lagerfield scarf and a beautiful collection of shoes (although I didn’t have enough money to buy anything!)

It’s nice to find a genuine vintage shop (and it’s on a whole road of junk shops, thrift shops and antique shops!) which you can walk along cobbled-streets and stop for a nice spot of tea and cake at the end of!

Happy Vintage Mondays!


Inside Leeds Castle – A Rich History of books, art and luxuries

The outside of Leeds Castle is beautiful enough, but there’s wonders to be explored inside the Castle, which spans a history of furniture, books and art from the Tudor times to the present day. Every room has its own rich personality, being arranged in a way which displays the beautiful things inside it and makes use out of rich drapings, historical items and gigantic bay windows to throw a romantic light on everything. I had to sift through hundreds of pictures to find the ones I wanted to post, and even these weren’t enough! If you’re interested in history and in English Heritage, then this is definitely the place to go to have a good wander around so you can fully take in the beauty of the interior of this Castle.

My favourite room is of course, the last picture. I’m sure you can imagine why once you have a look at it!

Blue Glass Trinket Boxes

I love trinket boxes, jewellery caskets, pill boxes and glass jars of all kinds , so I couldn’t resist when I saw these translucent, dreamy blue glass trinket boxes (and one mauve one!). The poet in me thinks of water-like  jewels and intricate filagree dull silver, which promise to hold your secrets (and your diamonds) and offer possibilities with their petite bodies. So of course I had to buy them, and I got one for each of  my sisters and sister-in-law (and one for myself of course). I’m sure if you were to look at their contents now, each glass bauble would hold something very different from the last.