Nostalgia Fun with Troll Dolls

My sisters and I have always loved things that remind us of our 80s and 90s childhood, and we love how these are recycled and re-interpreted in today’s media and fashion. One of the things we all remember having was troll dolls – ugly-but-cute dolls which brightly coloured long hair for us to style (and accidently cut) into funky shapes.

With the new Trolls movie being released in October, I’ve been seeing a surge of funky-haired dolls everywhere – including these pretties below in makeup store Mac, which was releasing a range of Troll-coloured makeup! The makeup itself was a bit too bright for me but I loved the different coloured trolls and their hair!

Worth the trip to memory lane!

DSC_4467 DSC_4468 DSC_4469 DSC_4470

Quirky Bookstores & Libraries: Sokol Boosktore in Chelsea

I have always loved looking for quirky buildings which add a little character to London – and Sokol Bookshop does just that. This is a bright red bookshop I found while wandering past in Chelsea which looks more like a giant, old-school Toy Store, adding a splash of colour to the area. Interestingly enough, this bookshop specialises in medieval texts and manuscipts, which I saw a glimpse of in the window display.

Is it me, or does this book-store seem like something found in the middle of a traditional European village?

Nifty Russian Dolls

Did you know that the proper name for Russian dolls are matryoshka dolls? I didn’t. Anyhoo, I’ve always wanted one, probably because of the nifty way you can stack each one inside the next, like a super-efficient storage thingy that I need for 95% of the possessions I have. I saw these flowery beauties today and thought about buying some, then didn’t because I started wondering whether you could get novelty ones like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ones or Power Ranger ones.  Haven’t seen any yet, but I’ll keep looking.


A Mini Fairground

I saw these pretty things in a shopping mall a while back (they’re still there, I always look out for them when I go past!) – beautifully crafted mini ferris wheels and funfair-style toys. I love the old-timey style of these toys, they almost remind me of the wooden toys that used to be popular decades ago – which may have been simpler than today’s toys, but they also were beautifully made and lasted a lot longer!

So here’s something for the weekend to look at, I’d love to buy one of these for my nieces to play with but these weren’t for sale and I’m not sure where to find them, but I’ll keep looking!

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines & Patterns

I love patterns, whether they’re on the surface, in the sky, in buildings or in everyday things – there’s art everywhere! This week challenge about lines being patterns, just shows that lines can be linear, straight and may sound boring, but they’re anything but! Here’s a few lines I’ve seen lately for you to look at today, I wanted to post a lot more than these and couldn’t decide, but managed to narrow it down to these!

Happy Monday!

Weekly Mushroom Books Links

Weekly links time! Here’s a few of the ones I’ve bookmarked this week, I’m off to try my hand at drawing some mushrooms and teacups now.

If brands were more honest, they’d probably look like these – I do like the Nokia one!

Something which made me think about why we read books – is it escapism, inspiration or even compulsion? Not to mention the fact that I have no idea how many books I’ve read in my life so far, but I suspect that the number runs in the thousands, like this guy.

I thought this was an interesting take on fairy tales – one where reality rears its ugly head in a photo-series by Dina Goldstein. I love that Pocahontas is a cat-woman with about 15 cats!

Film parodies…in Lego. The Lego twins in The Shining version is still disturbing, oddly enough.

Anyone tried this? If you pause a YouTube video, click outside the frame and type ‘1980’, you will be forced to fight off missiles!

Why Twilight sucks, yet another article. I can never read enough of these.

A generic birthday party. I guess it’s cheap, universal and doesn’t discriminate against any group?

I do love optical illusions, but it’s hard to find ones I haven’t seen before, or which haven’t been done to death. Ukrainian artist Oleg Shuplyak has created these amazing paintings which make you look twice and wonder what the heck the painting is showing.

A My Little Pony resume. I really have no idea if this guy got a job in the end though.

Who needs drugs to fly away? Have a book mushroom.

Indian Puppets & Wooden Carvings

I love looking at random, quirky pieces of art from other cultures, and Indian art is one which has always fascinated me, particularly because of the overlaps it has with my own culture. This is a antique, wood sculpture (or perhaps toys, they remind me of puppets in a way) of a scene from history – I’m thinking a meeting between powerful Indian figures and British delegates (I see a top hat on the table!), but it’s likely that I could be wrong!

Even so, I like the earthy, warm colours here, and the quirky styles of these little men – they remind me a little of some of the folk stories I read as a child, and immediately make you feel as if they’re part of a puppet show that have just frozen for a little while, and will start moving again when you look away : )

DSCF4774 - Copy

We Love Miniatures <3: Tiny Cooking Pots & Pans

I bought this a few years ago on a trip to Rochester, in a quaint shop which sold lots of other miniatures like beautifully hand-crafted teeny-tiny furniture, little boxes and even little teeny tiny spoons and forks. I loved these little pots-and-pans collection and bought these mostly because they reminded me a lot of my mum’s cooking pans – my mum agreed when she saw them too – and they even feel solid and slightly heavy like real pots do.

I’ve kept these for a few years now (not because I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone will buy me a doll’s house one day), but because they’re souvenirs of a great day out, and I love the uniqueness of these (I haven’t seen them anywhere else!)

DSC_2177 DSC_2160 DSC_2165 DSC_2167 DSC_2168