The Mad Hatter’s Tea at Valentines Mansion

I recently posted about some upcoming events happening in London as part of Find your London Festival, so made sure I  kept an eye out for local events that I could attend. This weekend saw the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party at Valentines Mansion and Garden, which was a really fun even put together for the kids to enjoy (and the adults!).

I’m a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland and the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (you can see the pictures from my own tea party for evidence!) and I always love seeing different takes on the idea of a quirky tea party. I love the idea of doing a tea party in the park, and what better time than spring?

My sisters and I took along my nieces and nephews to enjoy the fun, and were able to walk around inside the mansions and have a look at the historical site inside. The Tea Party was organised next to the mansion in the gardens  which had plenty of games, activities and equipment for the children, which we all managed to make good use of – I also loved the fact that there were plenty of people in costume!

One of the highlights of the Tea Party was the entrance of the Queen of Hearts, who told us we were very lucky to see her and that everything was “Marvellous!”, following with a parade with the White Rabbit and the Card Men, complete with pink flamingos!


My favourite thing was probably this oversized Mad Hatter’s Top Hat, which we all took turns to sit on (and which didn’t collapse surprisingly), which was laid out for us to look at next to a giant plate of (foam) biscuits and some giant playing cards scattered around, as well as some very misleading direction signs!


There were plenty of games which my younger nieces ran off to enjoy, which I thought were a great idea for kids to do in a park – I especially liked the fact that there was a croquet set!


I also loved the random small touches laid out – oversized teacups, several top hats, a few Alices wandering around and plenty of flowers, cards and Chesire Cats, which really made the whole thing feel much more fun.


The Mad Hatter’s Party was a fun day out (including the bit where the Queen made all of the children hold hands to make ‘hoop’s while the smaller children were hedgehogs who ran through them, croquet-style!) and it’s great to see something like this organised for free somewhere local. I’ll be keeping an eye out for more things like this for the Easter Holidays which make a great distraction and let us enjoy the local park.


We Love Miniatures <3: Tiny Top Hats

I got this for my birthday recently, and loved them. A tiny top has, cowboy hat and bowler hats, perfect for my mee-neey-chure collection. I’ve only been twirling them on my little finger (and my pens, and putting them next to my full-size top hats to make them seem even more tiny), but I’m sure I’ll be able to use them in a project soon. Posh Lego-gentlemen hats?


Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginnings

Thought I’d show you what we spent our holidays doing (and crying over), playing Monopoly and spending time with the family. I always pick the top hat by the way, which is why it’s on the ‘GO’ tile, about to pick up the salary, probably after losing all of my money!

I also picked this picture because it made me think about the things I want to prioritise this year, like looking for a new job and also making big changes in my life, both personal and financial. 2013 was an interesting year for me because I spent a lot of time with family (mainly the two newest additions in the family!) and also because it made me realise the things I need to change about myself as I get older.

I’m hoping that 2014 will be a better year in terms of having a positive attitude about things, as well as focusing on the things I love doing. I have a friend who has quit her current job to fully concentrate on her love for art (she’s a brilliant artist!), crafts and also to focus on the charity she runs, which I envy because it takes a lot of guts to tear yourself away from the security a job brings and risk going free-lance. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that stage just yet, but it’s nice to remind myself that the option is always there if the time comes.

So, here’s to new beginnings in the New Year – not to mention playing more games with family! Dibs on the top hat : )

challPart of the Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginnings