Edward Scissorhands: The First Snow

Among other things, Edward Scissorhands is a very romantic film, don’t you think? The secret love of our hero, the damsel in distress, the bullying villain, the restrained lover…this is all starting to sound a little Mills and Boons now, but you get what I mean.

Artist Brittney Lee has captured the most iconic moment of the movie with her scene made entirely from intricately cut paper, which I absolutely adore. I love romantique style art like this, it really is one of those pieces of arts which captures something which words can’t.

Image belongs to Brittney Lee

Edward Scissorhands: Cute Dinosaur Hedges

I’m a huge fan of Tim Burton’s films, and his earlier films are way more kooky than his later films, my favourite being Edward Scissorhands. There’s quite a big cult following for this film, spawning all kinds of art, spin-off movies, toys, and merchandise you’d  never think of, with fans from all over the world of all ages. It’s pretty amazing that the film is now over 20 years old, and still as popular today, which is why it’s no surprise there is are several artists who have now contributed to ‘Scissorhands 20th’ legacy, that is, interpreting the film in their own way and drawing scenes of the film.

I love this piece by artist Alex Leighton, showing a cute, bug-eyed Edward making dinosaur-shaped hedges which looks cute enough to be a cartoon series in itself. I’d watch it anyways.

Image belongs to Alex Leighton