That Time I Brunched at Home with Friends

The heatwave has arrived in London, so I’ve been making the most of the weather, with ice-cool drinks, random visits to pretty cafes, relaxing in the park and meeting up with friends now that we all have a little free time.

I’m sure you’ve all noticed the popular rise of Brunching – it’s fashionable, instagrammable and usually healthier than a standard fry-up.

When I go out with friends, we usually opt for brunch – it’s sometimes cheaper than lunch, looks more photogenic and we usually feel pretty satisfied with a decent meal. Having said that, I can see that these days it is easy to get caught up in the brunching/afternoon-tea-ing/girl-about-town lifestyle, which means spending a bucket-load of money to feel like you had an ‘experience’ worth showing off to others.

A friend and I were talking about how it is easy to have this lifestyle and mentality become normalised – there is nothing wrong with going out with friends to eat, but it can be easy to spend more than you intend to, or indulge in too much unhealthy food because of the whole ‘FOMO’ fear behind the ‘Instagrammable’ life. So we decided to opt for the best of both worlds – pretty, photogenic food but the comfort of our home, with healthy(ish) food which didn’t cost much – below you can see the results!

I’m not sure we’ll always be able to manage brunch (or afternoon teas, gourmet dinners and so on) at home, especially with the busy lives we lead. Not to mention the fact that sometimes it can cost the same to buy all the pretty food we want, even if we’re just going to have it at home! Having said that, it’s nice to have something cosy at home, with lots of banter and gossip, and a chance to kick off your shoes and relax : )

Weekly Photo Challenge: An Unusual POV of Strawberries

It’s wedding season right now (yaay!) and I thought I’d post one of the photos from some of the weddings I’ve been to in the past for this week’s challenge. It’s always nice to have traditional pictures of the bride and groom, the cake and of the amazingly-dressed guests, but after a while it can get a bit boring to take the same pictures over and over again!

Here’s one pictures of a couple on their wedding day, being embraced by a sister in the background, with the focus being on…strawberries. I love this shot because of the colour of red which is a theme throughout the picture. It’s also a picture I love because a friend and I got the idea of doing our own decor do the wedding and placing bowls of strawberries throughout the tables, which was a very popular idea with the guests too!

So for me, this picture not only sums up the sweet moments of the wedding, but it also represents all the running around and the laughs that I had with one of my closest friends : )