Flying Horses of Black and White

They may be made of forks, spoons and other plastic utensils, but they don’t look silly at all. Rather, these two beautifully made pieces of art look haunting, ethereal and even majestic. Perhaps because the white horse looks like it’s made from bone, which gives it an eerie effect, and the black horse looks like it’s made of charcoal adds a sense of dramatic.

If this was a story, I’d say that these horses are magical creatures, representing the light and dark sides of us, and our lives. They run every day to show how our lives continue day in and day out, and perhaps even represent Time.
Or perhaps the two horses are lovers who race every day but are never able to meet, a little like the Norse myth of the two running horses who pulled the Sun’s chariot over the sky every day, never being able to meet the Moon and the horses who pulled her.
Or maybe the two are in fact the same, one horse, which runs so fast that it looks as if it left its colour behind and became a shadow, appearing as two seperate horses.

I could go on. But this isn’t really a story, and I don’t know what the artist intended with this piece, and what the message was meant to  be (partly because I forgot to read the placard with it, so I don’t know who made it but I can find out!). What I do think is that this a really beautiful work of art, it captures movement brilliantly with such ordinary objects, and it really does look haunting.