I’ve been doing a little sketching nearly every day to make the most of my free time, and I’m loving the creating feeling I’ve been getting (even if half of what I’ve been drawing is stickmen and wonky flowers). I’ll be posting some of my pictures soon, but here’s one of my sketches in progress – I’ve still not coloured it in yet because I’m torn between using watercolours and pens.

Happy weekendings all!


Beautiful Grafitti Birds by L7M

I ‘m mesmerised by these beautiful bird art pieces in grafitti style, by a Brazilian artist who goes buy L7M, (and is known as Luis Seven Martins by his parents) who blends media and colours to get a dreamy feel mixed with chaos and realism. The effect is beautiful, with realistic rendering and detail, and beautiful, vivid colour. The artist does a range of images, from portraits and various animals, but it’s these birds which I find beautiful and haunting.

You can see more pictures on his Facebook page here or his Flickr account.


My First Attempt at Tablet Sketching…!

I recently got a new drawing tablet  which I’ve been wanting for a while, which I’ve been playing around with to get the hang of the drawing techniques, brushes and colours. I’ll be posting a proper review of the tablet soon, but here is my first attempt to do a few sketches with various brushes (pencil, ink, oils and chalk) to see how easy it is to draw (it is easy but takes a while to get the hang of it!). More sketches coming soon, hopefully a bit more details and neater than these : )