Pink Posies on a Window Sill Mondays

It’s nearly mid-August and has been pouring down with rain today, but it’s still bright and the air feels fresh (compared to the muggy humidity a couple of days ago!) But here’s some cuttings that my mum has been keeping on our windowsill during the week to add some girly colour to the kitchen – the rain’s only temporary folks! : )


Green Trees and Blue Skies = A Day at the Park

We’ve been catching plenty of rays these days, so we decided to spend a sunny Sunday at the local park to gawk at ducks and watch my niece run around and chase her own shadow. Here’s a few snaps that I took, it doesn’t quite capture the fresh air and landscape the way I hoped, but you CAN see all the little spots that we discovered and the little secret greenery we found.






Surreal Spring Blossoms

One of the things I like about my job is that even though it involves a lot of travelling around during the day, I see a lot of things around London which catch my eye, and which I wouldn’t normally see. And because it’s during the day, I get to enjoy the summery weather occasionally ( when I’m not behind the desk!)

These are some beautiful blossoms I saw yesterday while I was out, which I thought looked quite surreal and bright, partly because of their translucence and also they almost looked like paintings against such a blue sky. Although I love the bright colours of flowers which unfurl and grow in the summer, I also love the tree’s blossoms at the beginning of spring too, and it’s nice to see pink-and-white fluffy clouds floating in trees right now.

blossom (1) blossom (2)

Purple Ombre Flower Mondays

The weather the last few days have been beautiful. it’s finally shining brightly and there’s a nice cool breeze outside which we really have been making the most of (translation: we’ve been wandering around the garden and looking at my mum’s flowers). Here’s a pretty ombre-style purple-pink flower to start the week off, it caught my eye because of the pretty tones of pink, fuschia and lilac and also because the petals remind me of tissue paper.

Here’s hoping the week stays warm and not temperamental (last week we had all four seasons in a single day, sun, rain, wind and slight hailstone!) – Happy Monday everyone!


Black Arum Lilies

Sounds like a quasi-romantic, depressing film title, right? No wait, that’s the Black Dahlia I’m thinking of. The Dragon or Black Arum lily is a beautiful version of the usual arum lily (one of my favourite flowers!) although it’s not quite black, with rich, deep purple tones and slight tints of indigo and red. I saw these a while ago and was pleasantly surprised that they’re not as depressing as they sound, they’re look beautifully elegant and would probably make a memorable and colourful bouquet!