WALALA X PLAY at Now Gallery, Greenwich

I recently visited a very fun art gallery at Now Gallery in Greenwich, featuring WALALA X PLAY – a mirror maze of colours, stripes, polka dots and angles  created by digital print designer Camille Walala, and involves having to walk around, explore and look at the different patterns and colours. I love interactive art exhibits like this, which means we get to participate in such a simple way, and which everyone can enjoy in their own way.

The exhibit is in an interesting Pop Art 3D style, and encourages visitors to look at light, colours, reflections, shapes and playfulness, and is meant to give us a view of the human self, so that as we engage we come away with an experience which is influenced by the art.

If you’re around the area, I’d recommend a visit – it’s free and nice for a quick half hour of fun. The exhibition is on until 24th of September though, so hurry!


Sweets from Japan!

I love getting presents (who doesn’t?), and I especially love getting presents from other countries. I’m lucky enough to have friends who bring me back presents from their holidays, and I thought this was pretty cool – sweets and chocolates from Japan from great friend who now lives there. This isn’t the conventional stuff either – this was the quirky wasabi-flavoured nuts, Kit-Kat you put in the grill to cook, and almond-flavoured hard sweets. Some very funky flavours, but fun to explore and of course, I loved the colourful, bright packaging!


Musical Food at Motown

Motown Dessert – my new haunt (okay fine, it’s just  the new place I’ve been stalking chocolate cake at, anyway) – I’ve visited this dessert place several times now (and there’s more than one branch too) and have always come away feeling like I’ve spent time in a pretty, cosy den, and with a chocolate-filled stomach.

Dessert places are all the rage in London these days (cupcake parlous, coffee-shops and ice-cream boutiques are practically everywhere!) and it’s always fun to sit down, enjoy a slice of cake or three, and yabber with some friends awhile.

So far, Motown has pleased me – there’s great art, bright lights, some amazing cakes and many things musical related – the first thing which caught my eye were the record tiles along the walls and counters, not to mention the very funky record-lightbulbs. Here’s a glimpse of some of the decor:

20130411_204709 20130416_172452 20130411_193545 20130416_18013320130416_175917

Of course (and more importantly!) there’s scrumptious dessert with cute musical names like James Brownie, Chocomotion and Soul Cake (or something like that, I don’t really remember), which tasted pretty great – it’s always a relief when the food in a pretty restaurant lives up to expectations!

20130416_173438 20130411_195918 20130411_200030 20130416_173448

I love the wall art here too, it’s quirky, London-centric and even musical – which really appeals to my liking (I really do like the red buses and post-boxes which stand out!)

20130416_172538 20130416_172628 20130416_180057 20130416_180106

All in all, this is definitely a place I’d recommend, even if it’s just to ogle the funky art and the musical theme, it’s not often that everything is tied in well together in a restaurant like this – and let’s face  it, there’s chocolate cake to be had and some very tempting ice-cream scoops – who can say no to that?