Designing and Doodling Dresses

I’ve been busy lately ‘designing’ dresses (i.e. stealing pictures from the internet and putting them together) for the upcoming wedding, as well as doodling away different ideas that I’ve been having. This is one of my older pictures from doodling maxi dresses that I loved (the final outfit didn’t really look entirely like this, so much for accuracy, eh) – but I’ve been staring at pretty dresses for the last few weeks so thought I’d post this!

Happy weekendings all : )


Weekend Pretty…An Oriental Frieda

A friend of mine (who blogs here!) is a big fan of Frieda Kahlo, and issued a challenge to all her friends online to draw her a Frieda Kahlo in their own interpretation. Here was my submission, which was a quick 20 minute piece I did on my drawing tablet, which I was quite pleased with (it helps that I have an excellent tablet!)

My Frieda was not intentionally meant to be a Eastern-inspired one, but I suppose with the lotus in her hair, the pale skin and red lips, not to mention the jade jewellery made it that way. It’s nice to draw something which lets me play around with different colours and brushes, and also doesn’t feel like a big project. I’m working on something else, which I’ll hopefully be posting as soon as it’s finished, but until then, happy holidayds/Easter/Bank Holiday weekend, and hope you ate lots of spherical and egg-shaped chocolates!


Beautiful Doodles with J. Herbert ink

I love pens, and particularly love ink, be it indian ink, drawing ink, calligraphy ink or even just cartidges for fountain pens! This is a series of colours done in J. Herbert ink by the wonderful artist and blogger Cole Wardell at The Orchard showed the diverse colours and uses of this ink with his wonderful calligraphy below, not to mention using a brush with the ink for the sketch below as well.

I don’t know what appeals to me more, the beautiful, vibrant colours of each of the inks, or the fact that each colour has it’s own character which is beautifully written out in a calligraphic style – but it’s really made me want to pick up a dip-pen and some ink to try out some doodles myself (if I do, I’ll post the results, don’t worry!).

So here’s something for your weekend, some pen-love and some pretty colours : )

pen1 pen2 pen3Images belong to Cole Wardell, The Orchard

A Lighthouse Scene

Bright, bright, bright glows the light
Guiding you home my way…
It will be as it was
Before you went away.

Whether by land or sea
Know just how much I care.
Look for the glow of the lighthouse
You will find me there.

The Lighthouse by Marge Tindal

I drew this last year and never finished it, it’s part of a composition of pictures, which was meant to be a series of scenes. I’m intending to finish this at some point, and perhaps fill it in with watercolour, but for now I thought I’d share one of the pictures in the series.

There four more landscapes which finish this series, but I like this one the best because of the lighthouse, there’s an almost romantic feel to this, and I’m debating whether to make the water calm or rough – what do you think?


Beautiful Intricate Pattern Art by Valetina Ramos

I came across these beautiful pieces of art and print work by  talented artist Valentina Ramos, who uses ink with paint colour to create beautiful, flowing pieces with quirky animals, colourful flowers and intricate patterns – and I love everything I’ve seen of hers.

Valentina mixes bright, pop colours with lines, swirls and details which result in a beautiful explosion of colour, and designs and prints which remind me of retro mehndi designs or funky wall art (imagine these on your bedroom walls – or as mehndi designs on your hands!).

I love how well this all work – intricate, detailed designs, bright colours and some quirky, cute subject matter (there’s prints about armadillos and camels, come on!) – it’s easy to see why this is so likeable.

You can see Valentina Ramos’ other work on her website, her blog and her Facebook group – have a browse, her work is beautiful.


All images do not belong to me and are from Valentina Ramos’ website.

Beautiful Handrawn Ink Art by Alex Konahin

These beautiful ink-drawings are created by Latvian artist Alex Konahin, who draws detailed images using fine-liners, Indian ink and dip pens. I love this style of intricate, beautiful art, it looks painstakingly drawn, incredible neat and beautifully finished – and the mixture of ordinary animal imagery with the detailed patterns gives an almost whimsical, art-noveau style to it.

I find this style of art inspiring, its already making me want to doodle patterns all over the pages and see what I can come up with (perhaps it can be practise for henna patterns, imagine these on your hands!)

Alex Konahin’s beautif work can also found here on Facebook, as well as Instagram and on Behance – what do you think of this style?


All images belong to Alex Konahin

Writing on the Wall: Geometric Art

I have no idea what this is meant to be, but it reminded me of those complicated Maths problems with lots of shapes and angles. (I also love the fact that this is right next to the Inner London Crown Court – nice sight before you go before a judge, hey?)

The colours in this are just lovely, and this image reminds me of a colourful, half-completed origami model. It’s a bit random, I know and probably won’t mean much to a lot of people, but I loved this splash of colour during a working day, not to mention some quirky, foldy abstract art.



Journal Your Ramadan – Day #14: Now Playing

I’m not really playing any games at the moment (I do like to play computer games every now and then, or just mobile phone ones), and I’m partial to my board games, but I haven’t really been playing anything recently.

So I thought I would just show a picture of what I would LIKE to be playing, since it’s been years. I used to play chess more often when I was younger (we bought a glass set for my eldest sister years ago because we all played it so much) – I have no idea whether we were playing by the right rules, and we probably cheated a little, but it was still fun.


Oh, and in case you have tuned in recently and weren’t aware of my Lego obsession, I’ve been having a bit of fun with these as well. Here’s a picture of some Lego, seeing as it’s been a while. These are some Star Wars-themed Lego key rings I bought a while ago, the Darth Vader one is the one I carry around at the moment (and has been nibbled on quite a few times by my niece now), and the Darth Maul one I gave to a friend. There’s something very cool about them both, even though they’re only about three inch high, they’re still mean and proud.



Journal Your Ramadan – Day #6: Workspace

The workspace is important as foundation for all sorts of things – your job, your home, your meal, your hobbies and even your habits and routines for the day. It can be different things to different people (and looks different too!), some may need a small space to cook their meals or clean, and others may need something bigger to help manifest their inspirations. When I was younger I would work on the floor a lot – for my art, my essays, school work, my internet fun, games and even during meal times, when my parents would prefer us to eat on the floor as is Sunnah, so that we would relax and enjoy our food properly.

I’m not sure how to properly interpret the ‘workspace’ today, so I’ll do both kinds – the office place and the home place. This is my desk at my work area – apart from the computer littered with Post-its and a ringy-ring telephone, you can see I have a lot of papers lying around and my doodle page for when I get phone-calls. Unfortunately, I get a lot of phone calls, so you can image I get through a lot of doodle pages a day.

My theory for a messy desk is that if it makes you anxious, you’re more likely to deal with work, rather than papers which has been neatly filed away, out of sight (and mind). This theory kinda works so far, but it also makes me look slobby and has the effect of making me look like I don’t do any work. Add this to my slowed-down Ramadan pace (and the extreme heat!), my original desktop has not seen the light of day for months. Oh

20130715_112211 - Copy

And this is our (well, my Mum’s) workspace at home – the kitchen work tops. My Mum’s miracles all happen here, her most delicious dishes are made in just a couple of hours and perfected with beautiful desserts. These days the main things we have been using it for it chopping up fruit and frying a few naughty samosas and pakoras to open our fasts with, and also a few chappatis for those of us who can fit it in our shrunken stomachs. Our dining table also gets a fair bit of usage as being the table we hold everything on until we can move it to our main sitting room to eat – usually big hunks of watermelon and lots of mango boxes!





Journal Your Ramadan – Day #5: Something Crafty

I couldn’t think of anything crafty which I could relate to Ramadan, and I didn’t really have time to make anything which would be practical, so I thought I’d draw something instead. Here’s some of the fruit and veg we’ve been eating this Ramadan (okay I didn’t have any carrots, but my sister-in-law steamed some, so I think it still counts.)


I thought I’d also show this, a 30-day advent-calender-style dates calender, with Tunisian dates in each box, which I thought were ‘crafty’ in a way, because it would be great for kids to have fun with. I remember my sister had an even better one last Ramadan which had short hadiths or stories in each windows, so that her children could learn something before they munched down some chocolate!


Oh, and here’s a peacock feather I doodled too. I was trying to see what a feather would look like as a mehndi pattern, so sketched it out first. While I like how it looks, it would be far too messy to do the same thing with a henna cone, so perhaps a simplified version, maybe?