Happy New Year!…2016

Happy New Year everyone, I hope it’s a beautiful one for you all!

Can you believe it’s that time already? I’m not really one to make resolutions at the New Year, but one thing I have resolved to do more of is drawing and painting, which I have neglected, and I took the chance on the first day of 2016 to play around with colouring pencils, pens, felt tips and water colours – here is one of my results below. I love the different media and colours I can mix and it’s always fun feeling like a child colouring in again (I think I need one of those grown up colouring books!)

So although I say it every year, I’ve come again full circle to make the most of my free time and see what I can come out with! What do you want to do differently this year?

noo year


Beautiful Grafitti Birds by L7M

I ‘m mesmerised by these beautiful bird art pieces in grafitti style, by a Brazilian artist who goes buy L7M, (and is known as Luis Seven Martins by his parents) who blends media and colours to get a dreamy feel mixed with chaos and realism. The effect is beautiful, with realistic rendering and detail, and beautiful, vivid colour. The artist does a range of images, from portraits and various animals, but it’s these birds which I find beautiful and haunting.

You can see more pictures on his Facebook page here or his Flickr account.


Beautiful Intricate Pattern Art by Valetina Ramos

I came across these beautiful pieces of art and print work by  talented artist Valentina Ramos, who uses ink with paint colour to create beautiful, flowing pieces with quirky animals, colourful flowers and intricate patterns – and I love everything I’ve seen of hers.

Valentina mixes bright, pop colours with lines, swirls and details which result in a beautiful explosion of colour, and designs and prints which remind me of retro mehndi designs or funky wall art (imagine these on your bedroom walls – or as mehndi designs on your hands!).

I love how well this all work – intricate, detailed designs, bright colours and some quirky, cute subject matter (there’s prints about armadillos and camels, come on!) – it’s easy to see why this is so likeable.

You can see Valentina Ramos’ other work on her website, her blog and her Facebook group – have a browse, her work is beautiful.


All images do not belong to me and are from Valentina Ramos’ website.

Happy New Year!….2014

Happy New Year all!, hope you had a good holiday and some rest (my break consisted mainly of Harry Potter films, Sherlock and a lot of chocolates on sale), and here’s hoping that this coming year is an eventful and memorable one for all of us.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do this year to make the most of it, and a lot of it involves taking a step-up on the things I love doing – drawing, writing, visiting new places and expanding my skills. I’ll probably post more about this at a later date, but I suppose for now I’m thinking about the different things I want to do this year and how to make the most of it all.

I also wanted to post this piece of art I created below, which took me a few days on my graphics tablet, but was something I really enjoyed doing. I have  a few more ideas for things I’ve been wanting to draw, and will hopefully be able to post them soon!

Please also check out my sister’s free 2014 journal, The Muslimah’s Inspiration Journal 2014, which is free to download and use, with artwork and photographs contributed by myself and my other sister – it’s a great way to push yourself, plan your days and to reflect on different aspects of your life. Do let me know what you think of it!


Quirky Elephants, Tea Parties and Poodles

These beautiful papers belong to my niece, but I couldn’t help taking a few pictures of them to post because I though they looked amazing. I love the bright quirky drawings, the mix of colours with uncoloured black and white, and the cute characters (like the expression of the owls!)

I think this would make amazing craft paper, for some pretty cards or stationary, or even as inspiration for for anything crafty! Personally, I’d see this as inspiration for for drawing animation and comics (although I’m not sure where cute poodles and owls come into comics, but still!)


20130316_135706 20130316_135739 20130316_135728

20130316_135639 20130316_135758


A Black, White & Blue Saturated Peacock

I know, I’ve used this image before, but it really is one of my favourites! This week challenge is all about colour, or rather saturation, and I thought I’d play around with colour again, this time fade the centre of the peacock’s bright colours into grey-scale and black and white, to make the centre stand out more.

I don’t often use black and white pictures with colour as focus, as sometimes the colour can be distracting or may not look very effective, but I love the vivid blues here and the splashes of moss green.

What do you think of this effect? Any ideas of how I could play around with it some more?

DSC_0723 (2)

Peacock Drawing Mondays

Like when your niece asks you to draw a peacock, and all you have is lined paper.

Luckily, I’ve noticed that I have a growing fascination with peacocks these days (among other animals!), so I’ve been doodling and drawing peacocks and peacock feathers here and there to see what works, not to mention working some peacock motifs into mehndi art.

This is the end result of the peacock I drew for my niece, which I thought could have been a lot worse 🙂


Journal Your Ramadan – Day #5: Something Crafty

I couldn’t think of anything crafty which I could relate to Ramadan, and I didn’t really have time to make anything which would be practical, so I thought I’d draw something instead. Here’s some of the fruit and veg we’ve been eating this Ramadan (okay I didn’t have any carrots, but my sister-in-law steamed some, so I think it still counts.)


I thought I’d also show this, a 30-day advent-calender-style dates calender, with Tunisian dates in each box, which I thought were ‘crafty’ in a way, because it would be great for kids to have fun with. I remember my sister had an even better one last Ramadan which had short hadiths or stories in each windows, so that her children could learn something before they munched down some chocolate!


Oh, and here’s a peacock feather I doodled too. I was trying to see what a feather would look like as a mehndi pattern, so sketched it out first. While I like how it looks, it would be far too messy to do the same thing with a henna cone, so perhaps a simplified version, maybe?


Paper Camera: An Arty App

I have to admit, I do like my apps, especially when there’s some funky tweaking involved which makes my pictures look like I took them while on a journey to Mars. Like the Paper Camera app, which is even more crazier than the Instagram app, but I do like the different styles, colours and shading that’s available, especially when one photo can be re-touched to give a completely different look with each effect.

I think my favourite (and the most effective) pictures has got to be the trees in the first images, which are all examples of contrast, shading and lighting and which look dramatic in each picture – simple yet very striking. I do also like how artistic some of these filters look – the shaded drawing looks really realistic (I managed to fool a friend for about 5 minutes that I drew the baby hand picture!)

Perhaps not as well-know and popular as Instagram, but I do like this app, it’s a good way of turning colours on their heads and seeing what works and what doesn’t, with surprising results!










Woburn Safari Park – Part I: Big Cats, Big Birds and Rhinos

We visited Woburn Safari Park last weekend, which was great fun (talk to the animals, sing with the animals…okay, stop that now), and despite a little Englishy cold breeze, the day was perfect. Yes, that first picture is indeed a moustache drawn onto the window to get us into the mood. There were all sorts of animals (although if you’re wondering what the black splodge in the middle of these pictures are, it’s a black bear), although the first half of the safari tour was mainly inside the car for our own safety (and the animal’s, obviously), it was still all terribly exciting seeing animals which I’ve never seen before.

I’m still trying to decide which was my favourite bit, but in the meantime, I’ll let these photos do the talking.