WALALA X PLAY at Now Gallery, Greenwich

I recently visited a very fun art gallery at Now Gallery in Greenwich, featuring WALALA X PLAY – a mirror maze of colours, stripes, polka dots and angles  created by digital print designer Camille Walala, and involves having to walk around, explore and look at the different patterns and colours. I love interactive art exhibits like this, which means we get to participate in such a simple way, and which everyone can enjoy in their own way.

The exhibit is in an interesting Pop Art 3D style, and encourages visitors to look at light, colours, reflections, shapes and playfulness, and is meant to give us a view of the human self, so that as we engage we come away with an experience which is influenced by the art.

If you’re around the area, I’d recommend a visit – it’s free and nice for a quick half hour of fun. The exhibition is on until 24th of September though, so hurry!


A Grand Entrance

Its not often I get a chance to stop at beautiful gates like this, but naturally when they come on a beautifully grand scale like this, a picture must be taken. It brings me to mind stories that I’ve read in the past where the hero (or heroine) has to reach the gates fast enough to get their happy ending – or even Greek Tragedies like Orpheus and Eurydice‘s tale of lost love. Inspiring enough to try my own hand at a fable like this, if I manage to finish it, I’ll post my story!


Weekend Pretty…Floral Stained Glass

I love finding beautiful parts of a building that’s been hidden away for you to stumble on, like this beautiful arch window with a gorgeous floral border. It’s just the sort of thing I like to see which shows the intricate beauty and workmanship of colourful stained glass hung up high for you to lift your head and admire.

A nice way to begin my bank holiday weekend, admiring beautiful windows!


Journal Your Ramadan – Day #11: K is for Keys

I had a lot of thoughts for this letter of the day (Knowledge, Kites, Koalas…) but I went for keys. Keys are such great symbols for so many things, and can be interpreted as many things (keyholes, freedom, magic…!)

I have a small obsession with intricately drawn keys, and have always wanted to try my hand at drawing some. The ones below are my first attempts and only took me a few minutes (which is why they’re not great) – I had a lot of fun with the colours, styles and mediums as well as comparing different shapes of keys as well. My favourite is the ink drawing of the keys with the wings, which reminds me of several things I’ve read about before, but I thought it would add a quirky addition!


Flashback Friday: Topkapi Palace

One of the places I would recommend to anyone visiting Istanbul is the Topkapi Palace, a gorgeously luxurious palace-slash-museum with some seriously gorgeous artifacts, and several buildings and gardens to wander around and admire. I love looking at historical pieces, and there were several from different eras of the Ottoman Empire, but the best thing about this place was wandering around the different gardens and palace buildings and seeing the work that went into each of them.

Wherever you wander, there’s blue tiles, gilded gold walls and beautiful arched doorways to walk through and explore, although I think my favourite place was a small clearing on the side of the palace which lead to a view of the sea – serene, peaceful and somewhere to think about the history of this palace and its legacy.


Weekend Pretty…Walk Through the Rainbow Door

I saw this about two days ago, which I had to stop and take a picture of (and in front of, to the eye-rolls of a work colleague). I haven’t been able to wander around London lately and look for street art or quirky, funky places in London as I’ve always been busy with work or have ended up with things to do at home which mean less time to act like a tourist.

So naturally this rainbow door caught me eye, in the middle of a congested road, jammed with cars and buildings and not much greenery, it’s like a beacon calling to passerbys. This is actually a doorway for a church, so naturally the door helps to usher people in and take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. While, as a Muslim, I wouldn’t ideally walk into a church, I don’t have an antipathy for them – my parents have always taught me to have respect for other religions, whether we believe them or not, and I’ve always seen Christianity as a religion which runs alongside Islam, for all of our differences.

So, a rainbow door for you this weekend. I like to think that there are similar doors around London in various places, leading to mysterious insides.


My Week In Pictures: Cookies, Cakes, Brits and Red Shoes

I’ve had a whirlwind of a week, it feels, and have only managed to recover today and laze! I’ve been shopping, visiting fashion workshops, having cakes, baking cookies and not least, managed to get a Brits Award show!

I’ll be posting more of what I’ve been up to, but in the meantime I’m nibbling more cookies that I’ve baked and wondering whether to watch an golden oldie (The Mummy, I’m in an Egyptian mythology mood) or whether to read a book!

Happy weekendings all x


A Chocolatey Work of Art by Christopher Elbow

It’s not often that I get to see some seriously beautiful chocolate, but I got the chance this weekend when my sister brought by some beautiful Christopher Elbow artisan chocolates that she had received from America as a gift.

And a work of art they are indeed. Each chocolate piece has a beautiful design, vivid colour and intricate detailing which makes it seem less like a chocolate and more like precious stones and gems. I imagine that these are pretty expensive (a quick look at the website confirmed this!) but they’re a beautiful box, and look just as amazingly made.

It’s nice to take a break from a Cadbury bar every now and then and experience some luxury 🙂