The Yummy Rainbow Cake

My sister-in-law and I made a rainbow cake a few days ago for my brother’s birthday (we made him run out and get some of the ingredients for us, and he never even realised until he saw the cake!) – and he loved it.

Surprisingly, it isn’t that difficult to make this cake, it’s like baking a normal one but takes a little longer because of the layers. We used this BBC recipe to make the cake, although we also took inspiration from this beautiful cake by Hummingbirds too.

This is the end result (which we took nibbly bites out of it at midnight on my brother’s birthday, after we added some sparkly candles.)

cakey (1)IMG-20131027-WA0038

This is how we made it, which I’ve made into nice easy steps for you if you decide to pick my wisdom over the BBC recipe. Well, a girl can hope, anyway.

Also part of this Weekly Challenge – Layers

A Flowery Eid Party…2013

We held our annual Eid Party last week (which is always very popular with the under 6s, especially when we lay out our candy bar and fruit table), and this year our theme was spring greenery and flowers. Initially we threw a few ideas around, and wanted to go with a nice peachy-and-mint theme with a vintage feel, but we thought that this would get trashed in about three minutes after all the rabble turned up, so we changed the theme to something a bit easier to do and which looked pretty (and girly!) too.

Of course, as with all of our parties, we had some amazing food, not least because several of our lovely guests contributed dishes and desserts for the party too – you can see below a sample of what we ate!

The highlight of the party though, was probably my two baby nieces poking at each other and pulling legs while they looked bewildered – adorable!

Glueguns & Craftiness: Flowers And Watering Can Art on Walls

Here’s a sneak peek at the decor for the Eid Party we held for this year, which my sisters and I decided to celebrate – and as you can guess, our theme was flowers, spring-time and greenery. Although we weren’t exactly sure what we were going to end up with, we all chipped in to help cut out flowers and stick them on the wall for a nice girly feel (or as my nephew declared ‘yuck, this is going to be such a girly party!)

Here’s what we finished with, I loved the effect of the flowers pouring from the watering can, even if the look did slightly remind me of primary school classrooms! So here’s some inspiration for any party-planning you may have in mind – it doesn’t take long to do, it’s easy and it looks very pretty!

20131018_203221 DSC_3656 DSC_3657 DSC_3662DSC_3661

Queens, Knights and Dodos – Martin Brown’s Fantasy Art

I’ve stumbled across the wonderful Martin Brown‘s beautifully detailed paintings (not to be confused with Martin Brown the illustrator!), which look amazingly colourful, and have some seriously beautiful characters who look both  magical and eerie. I love how these appeal to the fantasy genre, adding leprechauns, elves and dragons among ordinary mice and dogs; and grands Queens and Knights in Elizabethan style dress and fairy-tale-esque glamour.

I’ve been trying to find more images by this artist, but haven’t had much luck, but the ones I have see are just amazing – definitely an inspiring artist.


My Niece’s Cupcakey Aqeeqah Party

We had a family celebration this weekend, which was a lovely celebration for the birth of my newest and tiny-est niece, which is called an ‘Aqeeqah‘ (this is when Muslims will sacrifice an animal as thanks to God for the gift of a new baby, which is then fed to relatives and then to the poor. If you can’t afford that then an alternative is just to give some money to charity). We did something similar for my (slightly older!) niece just a couple of months ago which was also, incidentally pinky and cupcakey, but just as family filled and fun.

There were of course, some seriously beautiful handmade cupcakes and cake pops made by my very talented sister, and plenty of fresh cream cake, presents, balloons and lots of little ‘uns all present – and not least the gorgeous guest of honour who was actually a good girl the whole night and did the nice thing of falling asleep half-way through.

And us being girly-girls, we all dressed up and had sparkly heels on and gossiped through the night with the only interruptions being more cuddly chiddlers with cute, fat hands who kept trying to grab cake they weren’t allowed (my mum horrified the family of a 7-month old cousin by feeding her Coca-Cola, but we just told them that we wouldn’t have been able to stop  her anyway – my mum is of the opinion that a “little bit of the stuff won’t hurt anyone”.)

But anyways, less of my yapping now anyway,  here’s a few pictures of the evening, and of course, the beautiful cakey goodness. Sorry if you’re on a diet. But not really.






The Pink, Green and Blue Party

My niece had a party a couple of weeks ago to celebrate the first time she finished reading her Quran, which of course, we did in true style with colour co-ordinated food and decor (the sweet bar, of course was our main eye candy!), complete with numerous children, plenty of chittering (the children), and a broken snooker table (the children again, well, the boys anyway). While my eldest sister made the scrumptious food, and another sister provided beautiful treats of cakes and cupcakes, I erm…made a balloon arch.

Here’s how to make a balloon arch if you ever want to try it for yourself (although the balloons we used didn’t have any helium so ended up being an up-side down balloon arch, despite a lot of sellotape):

1. Blow up balloons, and cut the length of wire you need – I used garden wire. Tie each end to something sturdy so it won’t move.
2. Tie two or three balloons together at the ends (I tied to because it was easier), then the doubled balloons using string, and tie onto the wire.
3. Continue fastening the rest of the doubled (or tripled) bunches onto the wire, and make sure to leave space between them so they don’t get too bunched up. It’s also up to you how you want the colour arrangements.
4. Secure each end of the finished arch onto where you want it (in our case the ends of the bookcase, but you can stick it again a wall in a traditional arch, or even over a doorway) and stick down using sellotape/bluetack/staple-guns/toffee.


The party was great fun, of course, and our biggest success was the pretty rainbow fruit skewers kebabs my sister made which got eaten up very quickly (We did worry that the kids might poke themselves with the wooden skewers, but worry not, they’re sharper than we gave them credit for).  I can’t say the same for my sister’s Malteser/Chocolate Fingers which got abused throughout the party (some little fingers took some random maltesers and fingers, but left the cake), but the cake got eaten at the end too. Little Lady, Hostess of the party, had her own party by the end of it, locked in her room playing Truth or Dare and I don’t know what else with her own little circle of friends (we could hear how much fun they had every time they ran up and down the stairs!). At the end of the night, we were all very, very full, the cupcakes had been demolished, every room in the house had been trashed and the children all went home and presumably had a very good sleep that night.
And that’s how we party : )









A Ladybird Cupcakes and Iced Trees Tea Party

Started the year with a bit of fun, a Tea Party bridal shower for a friend of mine, mostly full of pretty cupcakes! (The theme was meant to be pink, and the dress code for guests was, of course, pink. Apart from myself and one other girl, no one turned up in pink. Apparently everyone, including the bride-to-be, is colour-blind.)

Nevertheless, it was a fun evening, with the highlight of the evening being some very prettily iced cupcakes. How can you not love cupcake with tiny ladybirds on them, or my personal favourite, a round tree? None of us managed to get to the big red iced shoe at the top though, we left that monster to the bride-to-be : )







A Pinkety Pink Tea Party

It’s always a good idea to have a pink theme when you’re holding a mini-party for a new baby girl, as we decided when my sister held an aqeeqah for her new family addition (an aqeeqah is basically a celebration where an animal is sacrificed and then fed to everyone to show thanks for a new child. If you can’t do that, then an alternative is to give money to charity. But it’s all good, don’t worry.)

We had some very prettily, sparkly dressed guests, and lots of boisterous, cute and happy kids running around the house with pink and purple balloons and oddly shaped toy cars (I have no idea what my nephew does to them).

We may have gone a little overboard with the pink candy bar though : )

By ‘we’, I mean your truly, obviously.

A Yellowy Baby Shower Suprise!

We had a supreez Baby Shower for my eldest sister, after much lying, denying and outright barefaced fake-ignorance, which resulted in a very suspicious sister. Thank god the whole family was in it (not without a few slips, apparently asking a group of women to keep a secret for a few weeks is a very tall order!) and manage to keep it quiet enough to have some element of surprise anyway. Apparently I’m not a very good liar, but I’m just gonna put that down to my sister’s hormones and not knowing what planet she’s on. Geez.

But, Ladies and Gentlebeans, it was tow-tally fun.  You can see her reaction here, well worth it. We had a yellow theme, with banners, streamers, cakes and favour bags (we had some seriously cute balloons too but they flew away. True story.) The best present had to be the deceptive-looking cake, which turned out to be made of nappies – made overnight by a very nice friend of my sister’s! There were plenty of games, fresh fruit, and fresh-cream cakes for all, to go with some seriously pretty flowers from my mum and a lot of yakkety-yakking by everyone.

So yes, a good weekend was had by all. If only those balloons hadn’t flew away, eh?