How to change rubbish mehndi into something a bit more aesthetically pleasing.

So I tried to practice my mehndi skills (which currently lies at zilch  level on the tiers of how skilled mehndi art needs to be). This is the original design I tried (and gave up) to copy:

Image Source

Of course it didn’t take me long to give up (I blame the mehndi cone being faulty of course), and I was left with a paisley shape that was too big and something that my sister described as looking a bit like big toes on my hand.

My first reaction was to rub it all off and start again, but working with mehndi isn’t exactly like a pencil drawing that I can rub out, so all I could do to improve was improvise and fill in some of that blank space:

And obviously once you start, you have to keep going otherwise it will still look all messy and awkard…

The key, I found, is all about the small detail….

You can tell I was getting a bit carried away with being all creative and artistics with only a cone for my mighty sword-oops I mean pen:

Until I thought, what the heck, might as well finish off the entire hand in the same style, especially now I’m getting the hang of it all…

And voila! The completed blueprints. Didn’t last more than a week (that’s what I get for buying cheap mehndi from questionable sellers). You can still see the messy and squiggly bits (where my hand was turning into an iceblock and I was busy being distracted by an alien movie) but overall, I think it’s a pretty good way of blagging my way into making people think I’m good at mehndi. Remember, it’s all about the squiggles and detail : )

True story.