Walking Around, On the Move

I love the weather in May, it’s warm and balmy, slightly breezy and there’s plenty of daylight so that the sun sets late, making evenings the best time to walk around. There’s a beautiful calm which makes for a really eye-opening experience, particularly when walking around streets, past  hidden away stores and small parks which are separate from the rushing public and busy traffic.

This picture below was taken in the Embankment area, next to the River Thames, which was next to some empty offices (after all the usual inhabitants had gone home and only a few lights were on), and some quiet cafes, away from the main train stations and hubbub of the streets. There’s something soothing about the stillness of this picture, but there’s also plenty going on, the tumbling clouds moving along, the lamps just minutes away from being switched on, the small boats jostling in the corner, and most of all, the feeling that something is about to erupt onto the scene (most likely me with my camera).

IMAG3100 - Copy

Weekend Pretty…An Oriental Frieda

A friend of mine (who blogs here!) is a big fan of Frieda Kahlo, and issued a challenge to all her friends online to draw her a Frieda Kahlo in their own interpretation. Here was my submission, which was a quick 20 minute piece I did on my drawing tablet, which I was quite pleased with (it helps that I have an excellent tablet!)

My Frieda was not intentionally meant to be a Eastern-inspired one, but I suppose with the lotus in her hair, the pale skin and red lips, not to mention the jade jewellery made it that way. It’s nice to draw something which lets me play around with different colours and brushes, and also doesn’t feel like a big project. I’m working on something else, which I’ll hopefully be posting as soon as it’s finished, but until then, happy holidayds/Easter/Bank Holiday weekend, and hope you ate lots of spherical and egg-shaped chocolates!


Beautiful Doodles with J. Herbert ink

I love pens, and particularly love ink, be it indian ink, drawing ink, calligraphy ink or even just cartidges for fountain pens! This is a series of colours done in J. Herbert ink by the wonderful artist and blogger Cole Wardell at The Orchard showed the diverse colours and uses of this ink with his wonderful calligraphy below, not to mention using a brush with the ink for the sketch below as well.

I don’t know what appeals to me more, the beautiful, vibrant colours of each of the inks, or the fact that each colour has it’s own character which is beautifully written out in a calligraphic style – but it’s really made me want to pick up a dip-pen and some ink to try out some doodles myself (if I do, I’ll post the results, don’t worry!).

So here’s something for your weekend, some pen-love and some pretty colours : )

pen1 pen2 pen3Images belong to Cole Wardell, The Orchard

A little post for a little sunset

I haven’t been posting for a few days, because I’ve been very, very busy lately with some personal things (which I’ll post about soon!) I’ve also felt like I’ve been in a bit of a rut, blogging-wise because I’ve been looking for new things to blog about, rather than the same old things that I feel have been repeated before. I’ve had plenty of ideas, articles, stories and silly jokes that I’ve wanted to post, but I’ve never managed to post a lot of these because I haven’t finished some of these stories, or because I’ve lost the momentum for some of these articles.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to go back to my first love, writing stories of different types, whether they’re fairy tales and folk stories, or if they’re serious stories, or even whether I write weird horror shorts. I haven’t gotten very far with this, as I’ve always managed to start then started to slow down and question my writing and my ideas. I still have a few ideas, and don’t worry, I’m not ready to give up yet! But I think that having read so many amazing (and terrible!) books and the fact that I’m always reading has made me more hesitant to put my own proverbial pen to paper (to fingers to keyboard).

Once of my close friends who reads my blog (she’s a secret lurker!) commented a few days ago that she still loves my blog, but that it’s always full of pictures. I love photography, and I forget that not everyone wants to see pictures all the time – it’s certainly true that a thought-provoking article, blog post or story will certainly stay with me just as a long as a good picture can. If anything, I feel that with the rise of social media and image-sharing, photography has become slightly over-rated, and some people may appreciate it’s beauty less. This has led me to think that I’ want to post more about what I love, and what I’ve been thinking, even if it’s silliness. I’ve always found writing therapeutic, although it’s not always easy to write about the more personal side of life.

So if I disappear for a few days here and there, just assume that I’m re-charging my brain’s engines so that I can post something more interesting, or that I’m taking another baby step towards that epic-saga I’ve always wanted to write!

In the meantime, here’s a picture of a sunset that caught my eye a while ago, that reminded me slightly of some murder-mysteries I’ve been reading – particularly the parts about lonely, winding roads and late evenings full of hazy memories. Or something like that. Sometimes street life isn’t always what you see every day, but it’s nice to catch those little moments when no-one’s looking : )

20130504_203938 - Copy

Weekly Blanka Fighting Links

I’ve spent the weekend using my time wisely (translation: watching several episodes of Downton Abbey in one go, looking at pretty clothes and then reading a lot of silly stories.) Here’s some of the fruits of my labour:

Blanka and his friends messing things up. Darn those loveable Street Fighter fiends.

Why this blogger is not friends with a lot more friends on Facebook, and why I’m not either.

Kids who write mean (and funny) notes. With some added illustrations too.

Incredible art brought to digital life by the talented Rino Stefano Tagliafierro (I don’t know who he is either, but he did a pretty good job).

This guy has way too many free texts in his mobile phone package. Read here how he winds up several people and quite possibly gets blocked by half of the telephone book.

Famous bald heads. It the alien clown is still the scariest.

Cat friends and Dog friends. As someone with a cat in the house, I can relate.

9 Streets in the world I’d love to walk though (I do love the floating umbrellas one)

When Winnie the Pooh became The Avengers. Super cute stuff.

If Google was a man…he may be this guy. *goes and Googles my own name*

This one I could read all day – Clients from Hell, exactly what it says it is.

I think I’ve posted quite a few links together, got a few carried away but I’m sure you won’t mind. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to Paint to do some colouring in.


Michael Summer’s Surreal Animal Art

Michael Summer‘s beautiful, surreal art is vivid, colourful and almost wacky – I love every single one of his beautiful pieces, particularly with the mix of grey-scale with vivid colour, literally dripping onto the animals. There is something very playful and beautiful about each picture, which draws your eye and also adds character to each animal (I love the almost-bored tigers and the curious penguins!)

Some of these pieces (such as the first one) are huge murals on walls, which has been done by the artist in various places – I would love one to be local to me but unfortunately the artist appears to be based in California so that won’t be happening anytime soon!

You can see more of his work here – the plus side is, I may not see the real-life murals but I can still get a t-shirt with the rainbow and the penguins on it!

catnapmspopmspop3mspop4birds-of-a-feather-1mspop2be-still-my-heartmspop6 (2) mspop6All images belong to Michael Summers

Beautiful Watercolour Art by Stina Persson

Stockholm-based artist Stina Persson‘s art style is one which I’ve been inspired by for years, I saw a watercolour piece by her years ago, have been in love with the vivid colours and dreamy style ever since. Although the illustrator and artist works with several mediums like paper, ink, acrylics and even photographs, my favourite has always been her watercolour works.

I’ve tried to do something like this before (unsuccessfully, my paint-blending just sucks, frankly, and the papers just go all runny and wet), but it’s still one of my art inspirations. I love the space-style she uses here (where the image is created by the absence of the main piece and is instead created by the shapes around it. If that makes sense), particularly because of how glamorous and beautiful the pieces are, the women look ethereal (or perhaps what a 70s party would look like after too much weed), and have I mentioned how beautiful the colours are?

There are similar artists who have used the same watercolour style (which I will post if I can find them!) but Persson remains one of my favourite.


Jeannette Woitzik’s dreamy fairy photography

I love this series of photographs-slash-art, by German photographer Jeannette Woitzik, who has cleverly weaved together magic, photography, fairy tales and even romance in her pictures. There’s something dreamy and magical about her pictures, but I also like the fact that her images also point to the darker side of both fairy tales and of society. There’s a theme of balloons, romance and the ‘fairyness’ or ‘Otherness’ in a lot of her pictures, which really appeal to me because of how much they hint at without actually showing anything – leaving a lot to the imagination.

You can see more pictures on her blog and her website, which has some seriously beautiful images – I’d definitely recommend a browse, particularly because I’m fascinated by how some of these photographs have been edited to look like oil paintings. 🙂


Images belong to Jeannette Woitzik

Weekend Pretty…The Last Supper Dragonfly

I really liked this (my sister didn’t so much, apparently dragonflies creep her out a little) seen at Ripleys, which we visited last weekend – this was a real dragonfly painted by artist Enrique Ramos depicting The Last Supper, making it look like stained glass. The detail on it is amazing, and the colours are quite vivid, and although it is a bit odd, it’s also brilliantly done.

And that’s not the only odd, unconventional art the artist has done before either – like this version of The Last Supper created from ten kilos of spiderweb, (ew? I’m still not sure) and this tribute to Arnie’s Terminator made from clay and er, bats. Cos you know, canvas paper is hard to come by where he’s from, so he just catches whatever comes his way and puts the warpaint on the animals.