Yummy Fish Dishes at Basuba Eathai

Every now and then I’ll come across a dish that I fall in love with unexpectedly (and then try to replicate which always ends badly with some burnt fingers). I visited Basuba Eathai recently, and having no halal option, opted for the fish section instead. I went for the chilli cod dish with stir fry vegetables, which was scrumptious, and my friend went for the grilled salmon and rice option, which was also lovely (but not as nice as my dish!) I love Thai food and this is one of the reasons why, there’s a good palette of flavours and it’s healthy too – definitely one to go back and have!

20140421_135226 - Copy

Weekend Pretty…An Oriental Frieda

A friend of mine (who blogs here!) is a big fan of Frieda Kahlo, and issued a challenge to all her friends online to draw her a Frieda Kahlo in their own interpretation. Here was my submission, which was a quick 20 minute piece I did on my drawing tablet, which I was quite pleased with (it helps that I have an excellent tablet!)

My Frieda was not intentionally meant to be a Eastern-inspired one, but I suppose with the lotus in her hair, the pale skin and red lips, not to mention the jade jewellery made it that way. It’s nice to draw something which lets me play around with different colours and brushes, and also doesn’t feel like a big project. I’m working on something else, which I’ll hopefully be posting as soon as it’s finished, but until then, happy holidayds/Easter/Bank Holiday weekend, and hope you ate lots of spherical and egg-shaped chocolates!