Weekend Pretty…Rainbow Silhouettes

I’ve been playing around with sunlight and glass (mainly my jewellery at the moment!) to see what kind of results I get, particularly because I love the beautiful, vibrant rainbows which are refracted onto the surface. These are just some pretty rings with crystals and stones which reflected onto the plain surface that I positioned in various angles to get the best light from. Here’s a few of my better shots of the silhouettes and the rainbow colours:




I played around with these to combine the shadow images in one picture so that there was a complete montage of silhouettes and rainbow reflections. I’m not sure if the end result is better combined or rather than with each one separate, but I still kind of like it. While this has given me an interesting exercise to play around with, I think I have a lot more to experiment with in terms of lighting, colours and using different objects – so perhaps more pictures coming soon!

DSC_0900 - Copy

A Lighthouse Scene

Bright, bright, bright glows the light
Guiding you home my way…
It will be as it was
Before you went away.

Whether by land or sea
Know just how much I care.
Look for the glow of the lighthouse
You will find me there.

The Lighthouse by Marge Tindal

I drew this last year and never finished it, it’s part of a composition of pictures, which was meant to be a series of scenes. I’m intending to finish this at some point, and perhaps fill it in with watercolour, but for now I thought I’d share one of the pictures in the series.

There four more landscapes which finish this series, but I like this one the best because of the lighthouse, there’s an almost romantic feel to this, and I’m debating whether to make the water calm or rough – what do you think?


Happy New Year!….2014

Happy New Year all!, hope you had a good holiday and some rest (my break consisted mainly of Harry Potter films, Sherlock and a lot of chocolates on sale), and here’s hoping that this coming year is an eventful and memorable one for all of us.

I’ve been thinking about what I want to do this year to make the most of it, and a lot of it involves taking a step-up on the things I love doing – drawing, writing, visiting new places and expanding my skills. I’ll probably post more about this at a later date, but I suppose for now I’m thinking about the different things I want to do this year and how to make the most of it all.

I also wanted to post this piece of art I created below, which took me a few days on my graphics tablet, but was something I really enjoyed doing. I have  a few more ideas for things I’ve been wanting to draw, and will hopefully be able to post them soon!

Please also check out my sister’s free 2014 journal, The Muslimah’s Inspiration Journal 2014, which is free to download and use, with artwork and photographs contributed by myself and my other sister – it’s a great way to push yourself, plan your days and to reflect on different aspects of your life. Do let me know what you think of it!


Pencil & Mosaic Eyes Are Watching You

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I did this one, back in the day. I did each of these separately (the pencil drawing of the eye is part of a bigger picture which was actually a self-portrait that was not flattering). The mosaic was meant to be part of an inspired self-portrait too, but I ended up just trying to finish the darn thing the night before it was due in (Art coursework, those were the days!) so it ended up looking a bit like a grey Avatar-ish creature.

Still passed, though.