Writing on the Wall: Currencies of the World

…all on one board. I found this in a little deli hidden away on Green Street, East London, which the proprietor had displayed on the wall, probably to show the different type of customers and currencies he has come across.

I loved how this looked on the wall, a mish-mash of colours, cultures and odd bits all lined up together to form a small piece of art to catch your eye (and probably to remind you to pay for your food!)



Harlequin Oddities Found About Town: Cockney ATM Sausage & Mash Machine

Another wonderful addition to the craziness that is London which I found a few days ago is the cockney themed ATM machine, designed and created by ATM providers, Bank Machine. It took a while to get the hang of the language (thank god for the translations underneath) but it was well worth pressing that ‘Cockney’ button for. If only you could just press a button everywhere and change them all to pirate language or Barbie talk. You’d feel like you were a in another world and would have new adventures everyday. But more likely is that nothing would get done and you’d never get any money out because you’re too busy trying to figure out whether ‘Arr! Take your dubloons’ came in pounds or notes :\

There was no option for Klingon. Cockney it is then.

Contacting….contacting…I never had pumpkins to carve faces on. I always preferred bananas.

I like a touch of literature with my money. Plus where else will I get the opportunity to push my Huckleberry Fin into a machine?

Pick your card, any card. Or more to the point, pick an option to go with to look at your moolah.

I don’t even know how some of these make sense, the only one. I’m guessing rhyming was not their strongest points :\ Gotta admire the imagination though, some of these sound like they’re right out of fairy tales (‘Horn of Plenty’ which gave ‘Nifty’ powers. And so on.)

All I need now is to find a ATM which speaks Klingon and I’ll die happy. Okay I won’t cos there’s a helluva lot more things than that I wanna find before I die, but you get the point : )