A Mini Fairground

I saw these pretty things in a shopping mall a while back (they’re still there, I always look out for them when I go past!) – beautifully crafted mini ferris wheels and funfair-style toys. I love the old-timey style of these toys, they almost remind me of the wooden toys that used to be popular decades ago – which may have been simpler than today’s toys, but they also were beautifully made and lasted a lot longer!

So here’s something for the weekend to look at, I’d love to buy one of these for my nieces to play with but these weren’t for sale and I’m not sure where to find them, but I’ll keep looking!

We Love Miniatures <3: The World’s Tiniest Camera

This is something we saw a while ago at the wonder-filled gallery that is Ripleys – the world’s smallest working camera (at the time, I believe there is now an even tinier camera now, although this one comes pretty close too).

I love that there is so much attention to detail put into this camera to  make sure it is works properly and takes pictures.

Although I do wonder, how did they manage to develop the photographs?



Journal Your Ramadan – Day #17: Mosque

I couldn’t go down to my local mosque to take photos (and I didn’t think it would look quite right either, a random hijabi hanging around a mosque with a camera at prayer times…maybe not). So here’s a few crystal and glass ornaments of famous mosques in Saudi Arabia that we have at home that we all love, they’re small and pretty and beautifully made.






And here is my Godzilla-Baby niece messing with my ‘studio’ and showing me how it’s really done!


Pick a Poison.

Any poison.
(And yes, these are teeny-tiny miniature jars and coke cans).

This is a little photoshoot I did with some mini miniatures I did a few weeks ago, using these little Coca-Cola cans and a little cute jar of sparkle dust (with a skull logo on it). I thought this would make an interesting poster for the evils of too much sugar and fizzy drinks, or maybe just a nice way to show how drinking Coca-cola could be worse, at least it’s not rat poison. You pick : )

DSC_2180 - Copy

We Love Miniatures <3: Tiny Cooking Pots & Pans

I bought this a few years ago on a trip to Rochester, in a quaint shop which sold lots of other miniatures like beautifully hand-crafted teeny-tiny furniture, little boxes and even little teeny tiny spoons and forks. I loved these little pots-and-pans collection and bought these mostly because they reminded me a lot of my mum’s cooking pans – my mum agreed when she saw them too – and they even feel solid and slightly heavy like real pots do.

I’ve kept these for a few years now (not because I’m keeping my fingers crossed that someone will buy me a doll’s house one day), but because they’re souvenirs of a great day out, and I love the uniqueness of these (I haven’t seen them anywhere else!)

DSC_2177 DSC_2160 DSC_2165 DSC_2167 DSC_2168

We Love Miniatures <3: The Tiny Ship in a Tiny Bottle

I’m a big fan of miniature things, and I try to find teeny-tiny things from new places I visit or holidays I go to as souvenirs (which I then put in my teeny doll house and enact Friends episodes with.  Okay, not really).

This tiny ship-in-a-bottle is one example, it’s only about three inches long and one inch high, and has a cute little ship inside (can ships be cute? I don’t know, but this one is). I’m sure you can see that the ship in this bottle is not highly detailed, it’s simple and was probably cheap to make, but I like how different it looks, and it’s certainly one of my favourite miniature souvenirs : )




We Love Miniatures <3: Teeny Tiny Knitted Amigurumi Animals

I’ve recently discovered the Japanese art of Amigurumi, which is basically teeny tiny knitted or crocheted animals, which look adorable and very exquistely made. I found this seller on Etsy who sells some beautiful knitted animals (they’re not cheap though, at around £30 -60 per tiny knitted animal loveliness), and these are just a few of the animals I want in my imaginary dollhouse-slash-ark. Along with the mini Cookie Monster, ‘kay?

8Images belong to Su Ami