Weekend Pretty…Tick Tock

This is a huge clock sculpture I saw at the wonderful Harry Potter Land (otherwise known to muggles as the Warner Brother studios) which I thought was apt for the whimsical mood I’m in today. I love huge sculptures (as well as miniature things too!) and thought this was pretty symbolic of the beautiful things I’ve seen lately. I’ve had a lot of things going on lately (hence the sporadic blogging, which I’m still trying to resolve!) and feel a little stretched for time – trying to make arrangement for a wedding, my potential living situation and also all the nitty-gritty things which come up at work, home and my own hobbies.

Not to mention finding enough time to read all those books I want to read (next on the list is the highly acclaimed ‘The Fault in our Stars‘, which I’m looking forward to!)

Nevertheless, weekends are my favourite times right now (okay, they always have been, but not more than ever they’re my favourite days of the week!) – it’s the time I get to spend with family, to reflect on myself and to have some ‘me’ time, even if it’s just to sit in peace and re-arrange all of my lipsticks : )


Walking Around, On the Move

I love the weather in May, it’s warm and balmy, slightly breezy and there’s plenty of daylight so that the sun sets late, making evenings the best time to walk around. There’s a beautiful calm which makes for a really eye-opening experience, particularly when walking around streets, past  hidden away stores and small parks which are separate from the rushing public and busy traffic.

This picture below was taken in the Embankment area, next to the River Thames, which was next to some empty offices (after all the usual inhabitants had gone home and only a few lights were on), and some quiet cafes, away from the main train stations and hubbub of the streets. There’s something soothing about the stillness of this picture, but there’s also plenty going on, the tumbling clouds moving along, the lamps just minutes away from being switched on, the small boats jostling in the corner, and most of all, the feeling that something is about to erupt onto the scene (most likely me with my camera).

IMAG3100 - Copy

A little post for a little sunset

I haven’t been posting for a few days, because I’ve been very, very busy lately with some personal things (which I’ll post about soon!) I’ve also felt like I’ve been in a bit of a rut, blogging-wise because I’ve been looking for new things to blog about, rather than the same old things that I feel have been repeated before. I’ve had plenty of ideas, articles, stories and silly jokes that I’ve wanted to post, but I’ve never managed to post a lot of these because I haven’t finished some of these stories, or because I’ve lost the momentum for some of these articles.

Lately, I’ve been wanting to go back to my first love, writing stories of different types, whether they’re fairy tales and folk stories, or if they’re serious stories, or even whether I write weird horror shorts. I haven’t gotten very far with this, as I’ve always managed to start then started to slow down and question my writing and my ideas. I still have a few ideas, and don’t worry, I’m not ready to give up yet! But I think that having read so many amazing (and terrible!) books and the fact that I’m always reading has made me more hesitant to put my own proverbial pen to paper (to fingers to keyboard).

Once of my close friends who reads my blog (she’s a secret lurker!) commented a few days ago that she still loves my blog, but that it’s always full of pictures. I love photography, and I forget that not everyone wants to see pictures all the time – it’s certainly true that a thought-provoking article, blog post or story will certainly stay with me just as a long as a good picture can. If anything, I feel that with the rise of social media and image-sharing, photography has become slightly over-rated, and some people may appreciate it’s beauty less. This has led me to think that I’ want to post more about what I love, and what I’ve been thinking, even if it’s silliness. I’ve always found writing therapeutic, although it’s not always easy to write about the more personal side of life.

So if I disappear for a few days here and there, just assume that I’m re-charging my brain’s engines so that I can post something more interesting, or that I’m taking another baby step towards that epic-saga I’ve always wanted to write!

In the meantime, here’s a picture of a sunset that caught my eye a while ago, that reminded me slightly of some murder-mysteries I’ve been reading – particularly the parts about lonely, winding roads and late evenings full of hazy memories. Or something like that. Sometimes street life isn’t always what you see every day, but it’s nice to catch those little moments when no-one’s looking : )

20130504_203938 - Copy

Reflected Buildings

So I was walking across a bridge near my workplace while the sun was setting, and thought I’d take a quick snap of the way the buildings on one side of the bridge was reflected on the glass panes of the bridge. I like the end effect of this photograph, the buildings and colours were reflected so that it looked like some weird alternate reality colliding with another one (although I would have preferred a space-ship or two as well in the background!)

So although this is an everyday image that I walk past nearly every day, here’s a different twist on it. May you ever look at your world-view in a different way each time you look at it (and happy Monday!)

20131028_163109Also part of this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections

Weekend Pretty…Rainbow Silhouettes

I’ve been playing around with sunlight and glass (mainly my jewellery at the moment!) to see what kind of results I get, particularly because I love the beautiful, vibrant rainbows which are refracted onto the surface. These are just some pretty rings with crystals and stones which reflected onto the plain surface that I positioned in various angles to get the best light from. Here’s a few of my better shots of the silhouettes and the rainbow colours:




I played around with these to combine the shadow images in one picture so that there was a complete montage of silhouettes and rainbow reflections. I’m not sure if the end result is better combined or rather than with each one separate, but I still kind of like it. While this has given me an interesting exercise to play around with, I think I have a lot more to experiment with in terms of lighting, colours and using different objects – so perhaps more pictures coming soon!

DSC_0900 - Copy

The Animal Applicance Kingdom comes to John Lewis

I saw this amazing Christmas-themed display at John Lewis a few weeks ago and loved it, animals made purely from household appliances, electrical goods and random furniture. I love the cute quirkiness of all of these animals, and especially how well crafted they are – I can certainly  see how they’ve tied this display in with their Christmas advert.

Here’s a few pictures (or several!) of the different animals which have been created using some brilliant creativity and a lot of imagination – my favourite are the penguins but there’s so many more which are just adorable.


Rainbow Mosaic Lantern Mondays

I’m fascinated with lanterns, chandeliers and light hangings which are beautifully crafted and slightly unusual – which is probably why I love going to Middle Eastern restaurants that have luxury decor (must be the magpie in me). I loved this beautiful mosaic-style lantern which I saw in a Turkish restaurant recently, hanging close above my table.

I’d love to buy these and hang them all around the house in random places, but knowing my luck they’d all crash and break onto some unlucky passerby. Still, it’s a good Monday for beautiful things : )


London Lights and Disco Balls

I know, I know, I haven’t been posting recently, but worry not, I haven’t abandoned you all! I’ve been studying for a driving theory test for a few days and finally got it done and over with today (I passed, thank god!) – which made me think about the whole driving thing and why I didn’t do it earlier (I’m lazy), whether I think it will be a valuable skill (it will) and whether I would recommend it to others (most probably, unless you’re lazier than I am).

In the mean time, here’s a view of London’s busy Bond Street which I managed to snap a quick picture of to capture all the pretty lights (which looked a bit like disco balls, but I still like them) and busy traffic. Didn’t manage to buy anything, but saw plenty of goodies in the windows!


Paul Friedlander’s Beautiful Kinetic Light Sculptures

Paul Friedlander is a scientist, artist and extraordinaire – just look at his beautiful light sculptures to see how he has managed to merge science into beautiful art. Friedlander focuses on kinetic light art, which primarily uses spinning strings and something called chromastrobic light, which is light that changes colour faster than the eye can see, so that it creates moving shapes.

The best (and perhaps simplest) way to explain the way the science works would  probably be this: “The vibrating string becomes invisible, but the white light that’s being reflected off the rope becomes visible in an exchange that lets our eyes see magic, as real as science can make it.”

The end results are beautiful, giant rays of lights which become beautiful sculptures. Friedlander has taken this further over the years by manipulating the colours, shapes and sizes over the years, in his exhibitions and tours to various countries. I love how spectacular these sculptures look, and how fluid and colourful they are. I’m waiting for Friedlander to announce an exhibition in London so I can visit and ooh-and-ahh at them, but in the meantime I suppose I’ll have to swing some ropes around and see if any sparks come off them!

You can visit his website for more images from his various tours and exhibitions in the last 14 years, or otherwise have a look at some of his videos to see how the light sculptures look like in motion – or read his bio and more about Paul Friedlander on his page here.


All images belong to Paul Friedlander

Weekend Pretty…Jewelled Lamps and Colouful Light

I didn’t take a lot of pictures this weekend (although I did see a lot of giant Lego figurines!), but here’s something I thought was pretty, a jewelled, colourful lamp which threw some beautiful patterns on the wall. I’ve always been a fan of stained glass and glass patterns, and this a good combination of both – something pretty for the dark evenings, eh?