Journal Your Ramadan – Day #21: U is for Ummah

After watching the wonderful Snapchat Mecca story yesterday which has gotten Muslims and non-Muslims talking, I was so pleased to see such an amazing reaction to the snapshots and videos sent in by worshippers in Mecca performing Umrah on the holiest night of Ramadan – the 27th night known as Lailat as-Qadr, or the Night of Power – showing images of the Kaaba, the night prayers and the millions of dishes handed out for iftar to everyone.

It made me think of how far-reaching we have become, and what a wonderful opportunity there is to unite Muslims, as well as informing non-Muslims of the beauty of Islam.

So today’s post is one of the ones taken from the Snapchat video showing a packed full scene of people – all there for one reason, and all appreciating the beauty of Mecca and Islam : )

Journal Your Ramadan – Day #19: S is for Sunset/Sunrise

I’ve been spending the last week trying to capture either the sunrise in the morning, or the sunset just before iftari times, and failing miserable. I keep missing sunrise because I’m usually asleep by then, and in the evenings I’m rushing around to get food ready (so I always see it *about* to set, but then look up again a while later to see the night sky).

So for today’s post, here’s a sunset I captured a while ago, and which I loved the colours of – which are similar to the pinks and purples I’ve been seeing recently.

20130504_203938 - Copy

Journal Your Ramadan – Day #18: R is for Rainbow

Rainbow shoes that is.
I bought these recently to wear on Eid, to bring a little sparkle and colourful glam to the day!

It’s getting to that time of the month (only a week left!) where Eid preps are now in full swing, with a lot of shops getting busier; and there’s that atmosphere in the air of excitement of Eid, of the days going past quickly and of that shock of how suddenly Ramadan seems to be going!


Journal Your Ramadan – Day #17: Q is for Quran

As we have 30 days of Ramadan, there are 30 chapters of the Holy Quran which we try to read over the course over the month. It’s also so important for us because this was the month that the Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.) during this time, which gives it special meaning to us and brings its own rewards.

This is the copy of the Quran I have, bought for me by my mum to take with me to my new home when I got married – I think she knew  I’d like the rainbow edges! I’ve been keeping it around the house so that it reminds me to keep reading it through the week and make the most of my free time : )


Journal Your Ramadan – Day #16: P is for Prayer

As we enter the last ten days of Ramadan, the focus is on prayer, and how we can best make the most of our time to focus and show appreciation for what we have. The last ten days of Ramadan are even more blessed because its marks the time that the Qu’ran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed (S.A.W.) on the night of ‘Laylat Al Qadr‘, also known as the ‘Night of Power’ – it’s also an amazing time to prayer, make requests and reflect.

So here’s a prayer for you all who are fasting these last ten days – I hope you make the most of it and that your prayers are answered.


Journal Your Ramadan – Day #15: O is for Out and About

Now that it’s getting warmer, I’ve been finding myself wandering around more, partly for work and also partly because of the long hours of daylight in the afternoon and evenings. Its interesting what I find around London – a floral decorated doorway, a food market, street art – there’s something interesting to be seen most days.

So here’s a snapshot of the various things I’ve seen recently, in parks, markets, shops and generally out and about. What have you been doing recently?

ooty (5)

Journal Your Ramadan – Day #14: N is for Night

Night-time is becomes a busy time in our household – as the sun sets the kitchen bustles with ovens warming up food, glasses clinking and plates being set out with food; and the lights slowly pop on all over the house as the blanket of night creeps over. (And occasionally I’ll creep out into the garden and whisper ‘I AM THE NIGHT’ as well before the husband shakes his head and drags me back in again.)

I took these photos today to show the view outside my window, it’s difficult to take pictures at night because they seem a little blurry but also surprisingly, the pictures came out a bright blue compared to the dark outside.

So here’s a peek of the clear sky, I tried to looking for the moon but didn’t have much luck, but I’ll keep trying – until then, it’s evening time so back to stuffing my face!


Journal Your Ramadan – Day #13: M is for Mother

As mothers and daughters, we are connected with one another. My mother is the bones of my spine, keeping me straight and true. She is my blood, making sure it runs rich and strong. She is the beating of my heart. I cannot now imagine a life without her.
― Kristin Hannah, Summer Island

I’m sure we all have something to be grateful about when it comes to our mums, and it feels more evident in Ramadan when we see so many of our parents (and not always just our mums!) slaving away in the kitchen, enduring the heat, carrying heavy bags and travelling long journeys – all with a fast, usually just to make sure we get our dinners on time and that the kitchen is well stocked (for a siege!), or that preparations for the evening are done on time.

It’s easy to take this for granted, but as we become older we also become more aware of what they do – I’m sure most women will tell you (as many of my friends have told me!) that they realise how much their own mothers have done for them when they get married and move away, and when they become mothers themselves.

As my mum has gotten older, she’s become a little softer, her hands get arthritic pain every now and then and she’ll get tired out quicker. But try as we might stop her, she’ll still insist on weekend dinners for family, or cooking huge feasts for everyone on Eid day, or ever turning her hand quickly to sew a hem here, a torn rip there.

Truly, our mother’s hands have held everything for us, and Ramadan is one of those times which makes us appreciate the hand which feeds us at the end of of a long, hot day : )

My mother, holding one of her grand-daughters
My mother, holding one of her grand-daughters

Journal Your Ramadan – Day #12: L is for London

Summer-time is a great time to wander around London, seeing all the tourist attractions fully abuzz, enjoying a scorching day with lots of events happening and plent to see. Occasionally I’ll take my camera and wander around to see where I end up – this one’s from a few days ago where I thought this was an interesting angle – the Big Ben positioned inside the Millennium Eye.

I did take a few more pictures around the main roads, but I liked this one the most, although I wish the colours came out less blurred!