The Wonderful World of Christoph Neimann’s Abstract Sunday

I love finding ingenius art like this, and Christoph Neimann‘s quirky new world which reinterprets angles, objects and people in a brilliant yet simple way. While a lot of his ‘Abstract Sundays’ sketches are simple ink drawings, they’re cleverly drawn and usually beautiful, making us see objects in a new way.

You can see his Google Doodles here, to see how talented this artist is, and the fact that he continues to create new drawings with different images and different ideas.

And of course, anyone who loves Lego as much as I do deserves praise : )


You can find more of his work at:

Official website


A Few Simple Chinese Characters

I’ve been playing around with the ink function on my graphics tablet, and thought I’d try drawing some simple Chinese characters. I was surprised to find that although the strokes look a lot simpler to draw, they are a lot more difficult than they look! I had to re-do a lot of the lines after I made them until I got the hang of using bold, thick black strokes and direct them in the right angles.

Here’s my end result, I drew a few classic symbols with the translations underneath, that I liked because they were pretty universal. It’s made me want to try out a few drawings on paper with ink, but I’ll have to wait to buy some before I can try it out!

chinese characters and mehndi Page 1 chinese characters and mehndi Page 4

Beautiful Doodles with J. Herbert ink

I love pens, and particularly love ink, be it indian ink, drawing ink, calligraphy ink or even just cartidges for fountain pens! This is a series of colours done in J. Herbert ink by the wonderful artist and blogger Cole Wardell at The Orchard showed the diverse colours and uses of this ink with his wonderful calligraphy below, not to mention using a brush with the ink for the sketch below as well.

I don’t know what appeals to me more, the beautiful, vibrant colours of each of the inks, or the fact that each colour has it’s own character which is beautifully written out in a calligraphic style – but it’s really made me want to pick up a dip-pen and some ink to try out some doodles myself (if I do, I’ll post the results, don’t worry!).

So here’s something for your weekend, some pen-love and some pretty colours : )

pen1 pen2 pen3Images belong to Cole Wardell, The Orchard

Beautiful Intricate Pattern Art by Valetina Ramos

I came across these beautiful pieces of art and print work by  talented artist Valentina Ramos, who uses ink with paint colour to create beautiful, flowing pieces with quirky animals, colourful flowers and intricate patterns – and I love everything I’ve seen of hers.

Valentina mixes bright, pop colours with lines, swirls and details which result in a beautiful explosion of colour, and designs and prints which remind me of retro mehndi designs or funky wall art (imagine these on your bedroom walls – or as mehndi designs on your hands!).

I love how well this all work – intricate, detailed designs, bright colours and some quirky, cute subject matter (there’s prints about armadillos and camels, come on!) – it’s easy to see why this is so likeable.

You can see Valentina Ramos’ other work on her website, her blog and her Facebook group – have a browse, her work is beautiful.


All images do not belong to me and are from Valentina Ramos’ website.

Beautiful Handrawn Ink Art by Alex Konahin

These beautiful ink-drawings are created by Latvian artist Alex Konahin, who draws detailed images using fine-liners, Indian ink and dip pens. I love this style of intricate, beautiful art, it looks painstakingly drawn, incredible neat and beautifully finished – and the mixture of ordinary animal imagery with the detailed patterns gives an almost whimsical, art-noveau style to it.

I find this style of art inspiring, its already making me want to doodle patterns all over the pages and see what I can come up with (perhaps it can be practise for henna patterns, imagine these on your hands!)

Alex Konahin’s beautif work can also found here on Facebook, as well as Instagram and on Behance – what do you think of this style?


All images belong to Alex Konahin