Writing on the Wall: Geometric Art

I have no idea what this is meant to be, but it reminded me of those complicated Maths problems with lots of shapes and angles. (I also love the fact that this is right next to the Inner London Crown Court – nice sight before you go before a judge, hey?)

The colours in this are just lovely, and this image reminds me of a colourful, half-completed origami model. It’s a bit random, I know and probably won’t mean much to a lot of people, but I loved this splash of colour during a working day, not to mention some quirky, foldy abstract art.



Pencil & Mosaic Eyes Are Watching You

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I did this one, back in the day. I did each of these separately (the pencil drawing of the eye is part of a bigger picture which was actually a self-portrait that was not flattering). The mosaic was meant to be part of an inspired self-portrait too, but I ended up just trying to finish the darn thing the night before it was due in (Art coursework, those were the days!) so it ended up looking a bit like a grey Avatar-ish creature.

Still passed, though.


Pics & Tricks: Inside Inverted Photographs

I saw this idea in another photo (so can’t take full credit for it!) and thought I would do my own version, inside photographs and inverting colours. Here’s a few examples of some pictures below, which have the original pictures inside an inverted backgrounds – simple yet striking!

20130821_214249 (4)



2013-06-09 16.33.21 - Copy

And here’s a quick breakdown on how to do it yourself, it’s quite simple to do with your mobile phone, or even with a few computer effects.


  1. Take a picture of the desired object
  2. Invert the picture (you can do this with most photo editing apps, I used the Photo Editor one, but most similar apps have the inversion of colour feature)
  3. Get someone to take a picture of your inverted picture (and then Bluetooth/Whatsapp/email the picture to you)
  4. Invert the final picture again, and voila!

I loved playing around with this, both on my computer and my mobile phone, and have been looking for more ideas for photography tricks – any tips or ideas you can give me for my next topic?

Writing on the Wall: I am Eagle-Girl, Hear Me Roar

I saw this today while in Brick Lane area wandering around (and enjoying dessert!) and saw this piece of art on one of the walls, which I loved. I have no idea which bird is on her head, but it looks like an eagle-costume or pelt, which made me think of this blog title.

There’s something about this which reminds me slightly of an anime character (perhaps like a weird Totoro character) but I also like the fact that she’s kooky enough to be walking around with a stick in her hand, some wings and a peaceful look on her face.


Michael Summer’s Surreal Animal Art

Michael Summer‘s beautiful, surreal art is vivid, colourful and almost wacky – I love every single one of his beautiful pieces, particularly with the mix of grey-scale with vivid colour, literally dripping onto the animals. There is something very playful and beautiful about each picture, which draws your eye and also adds character to each animal (I love the almost-bored tigers and the curious penguins!)

Some of these pieces (such as the first one) are huge murals on walls, which has been done by the artist in various places – I would love one to be local to me but unfortunately the artist appears to be based in California so that won’t be happening anytime soon!

You can see more of his work here – the plus side is, I may not see the real-life murals but I can still get a t-shirt with the rainbow and the penguins on it!

catnapmspopmspop3mspop4birds-of-a-feather-1mspop2be-still-my-heartmspop6 (2) mspop6All images belong to Michael Summers

My First Attempt at Tablet Sketching…!

I recently got a new drawing tablet  which I’ve been wanting for a while, which I’ve been playing around with to get the hang of the drawing techniques, brushes and colours. I’ll be posting a proper review of the tablet soon, but here is my first attempt to do a few sketches with various brushes (pencil, ink, oils and chalk) to see how easy it is to draw (it is easy but takes a while to get the hang of it!). More sketches coming soon, hopefully a bit more details and neater than these : )


Beautiful Watercolour Art by Stina Persson

Stockholm-based artist Stina Persson‘s art style is one which I’ve been inspired by for years, I saw a watercolour piece by her years ago, have been in love with the vivid colours and dreamy style ever since. Although the illustrator and artist works with several mediums like paper, ink, acrylics and even photographs, my favourite has always been her watercolour works.

I’ve tried to do something like this before (unsuccessfully, my paint-blending just sucks, frankly, and the papers just go all runny and wet), but it’s still one of my art inspirations. I love the space-style she uses here (where the image is created by the absence of the main piece and is instead created by the shapes around it. If that makes sense), particularly because of how glamorous and beautiful the pieces are, the women look ethereal (or perhaps what a 70s party would look like after too much weed), and have I mentioned how beautiful the colours are?

There are similar artists who have used the same watercolour style (which I will post if I can find them!) but Persson remains one of my favourite.


Queens, Knights and Dodos – Martin Brown’s Fantasy Art

I’ve stumbled across the wonderful Martin Brown‘s beautifully detailed paintings (not to be confused with Martin Brown the illustrator!), which look amazingly colourful, and have some seriously beautiful characters who look both  magical and eerie. I love how these appeal to the fantasy genre, adding leprechauns, elves and dragons among ordinary mice and dogs; and grands Queens and Knights in Elizabethan style dress and fairy-tale-esque glamour.

I’ve been trying to find more images by this artist, but haven’t had much luck, but the ones I have see are just amazing – definitely an inspiring artist.


Jeannette Woitzik’s dreamy fairy photography

I love this series of photographs-slash-art, by German photographer Jeannette Woitzik, who has cleverly weaved together magic, photography, fairy tales and even romance in her pictures. There’s something dreamy and magical about her pictures, but I also like the fact that her images also point to the darker side of both fairy tales and of society. There’s a theme of balloons, romance and the ‘fairyness’ or ‘Otherness’ in a lot of her pictures, which really appeal to me because of how much they hint at without actually showing anything – leaving a lot to the imagination.

You can see more pictures on her blog and her website, which has some seriously beautiful images – I’d definitely recommend a browse, particularly because I’m fascinated by how some of these photographs have been edited to look like oil paintings. 🙂


Images belong to Jeannette Woitzik

Super Mario Bros’ London Underground Map

I kinda love this – a pixellated Super Mario-style London Underground designed by the amazing art pixies at Reddit, which shows all the tube lines and the River Thames as, well, square-y things. I’m one of those people who have to use the London Underground all the time, so things like this appeal to me because it’s a nice quirky way to see every day things being re-interpreted. And what better than with classic 80s and 90s gaming icons?

Somebody call TfL and let them know they need to put this on their walls, if only just to confuse tourists a little.

subermarioImage Source