Foodie Review: Sweet, Mile End

I was recently invited to a Blogger’s Meet at Sweet, Mile End, a trendy dessert place in Mile End who wanted us try their desserts to review whether we would enjoy the food. I was pretty please to be invited, as I would be going with with some bloggers I know (either in real life or online!) and it was a great opportunity to hang out, gossip, eat great food and relax.

You can see the other blogger’s reviews here: Hijabi in London; Yasmins Intro; The London Haloodie – be sure to check their blogs out!


Sweet is mainly a dessert restaurant, which provides a wide range of milkshakes, mocktails, cakes, waffles, crepes and cookie doughs – as well as their signature ‘Alto-Shakes’, which are crazily-extravagant milkshakes topped with icing, cakes, syrup, more toppings and chocolate!



We were lucky enough to try a range of desserts and drinks and we each decided to try a few different things so we can mix-and-match and share our treats. Funnily enough we all had very different tastes – I’m a huge cheesecake and chocolate fan, while the others loved the idea of a waffle, milk shake or the salty desserts. You can see below some of the things we ordered – don’t they look amazing? They actually tasted yummy, the desserts were presented amazingly on each dish and tasted great, balancing salty flavours with sweet, rich flavours with sharp and tangy.

Having tried a lot of options, I loved a lot of these desserts, but my favourite was the Ferrero Rocher chocolate cheesecake (I’m a sucker for cheesecakes!) and the fruity mocktails, although I did like the sound of the ‘gulab jamun’ and ‘gajar ka halwa’ ice cream! I also really liked the mocktails – perfectly fruity and not too icy cold.


I also liked the decor in this restaurant, which was very London-centric with the pencil-drawing art on the walls, mixed with muted colourful lights and a soft atmosphere – a great place to sit and unwind after work.

I had fun at this restaurant and it was great to meet like-minded bloggers (sharing blogger problems like the art of taking ten thousand photos of food pictures to get the right angle!)
Dessert places in London are becoming pretty popular and it’s not surprising, they’re the ideal places for hangouts and who can resist a good dessert? The other thing I loved about this place was that it’s fully halal, so there’s no worries for Muslims in east London looking for a sweet treat after dinner in this area. I’m sure I’ll be dropping by in Sweet again – let me know if you’ve been and what you think of it!


Weekend Pretty…Books and Pudding

Seriously, what can be cosier than this on a cold, grey weekend? I was meant to go to a hijab awareness exhibition today, which looked pretty fun because there would be plenty of fellow bloggers in attendance, not to mention lots of food, cake and henna stalls to try out – but I ended up succumbing to laziness and good books, and stayed home with this.

I think I made the right decision.


Carnaby Street & Ice Creamcs

A few snapshots of a walk through Carnaby Street yesterday with friends, which ended up in some delicious chocolate pudding and some bana and cookie (I know, what??) ice-cream. Best of all is the pretty lit-up sign, all through the street in signs, hanging lights and shimmery sequins hangings all over the place.

If you haven’t been before, you should visit!

carny (1)

20130108_172342 - Copy

carny (2)

carny (3)

Musical Food at Motown

Motown Dessert – my new haunt (okay fine, it’s just  the new place I’ve been stalking chocolate cake at, anyway) – I’ve visited this dessert place several times now (and there’s more than one branch too) and have always come away feeling like I’ve spent time in a pretty, cosy den, and with a chocolate-filled stomach.

Dessert places are all the rage in London these days (cupcake parlous, coffee-shops and ice-cream boutiques are practically everywhere!) and it’s always fun to sit down, enjoy a slice of cake or three, and yabber with some friends awhile.

So far, Motown has pleased me – there’s great art, bright lights, some amazing cakes and many things musical related – the first thing which caught my eye were the record tiles along the walls and counters, not to mention the very funky record-lightbulbs. Here’s a glimpse of some of the decor:

20130411_204709 20130416_172452 20130411_193545 20130416_18013320130416_175917

Of course (and more importantly!) there’s scrumptious dessert with cute musical names like James Brownie, Chocomotion and Soul Cake (or something like that, I don’t really remember), which tasted pretty great – it’s always a relief when the food in a pretty restaurant lives up to expectations!

20130416_173438 20130411_195918 20130411_200030 20130416_173448

I love the wall art here too, it’s quirky, London-centric and even musical – which really appeals to my liking (I really do like the red buses and post-boxes which stand out!)

20130416_172538 20130416_172628 20130416_180057 20130416_180106

All in all, this is definitely a place I’d recommend, even if it’s just to ogle the funky art and the musical theme, it’s not often that everything is tied in well together in a restaurant like this – and let’s face  it, there’s chocolate cake to be had and some very tempting ice-cream scoops – who can say no to that?


Journal Your Ramadan – Day #25: Drink

Here’s what I wish I was drinking today, although these days I’ve been sticking to cold glasses of water for iftari (and the occasional sneaky coke).

During Ramadan time, I’ve really learned to appreciate drinks, particuarly water, in this heat. It’s made me think about those less fortunate than us who don’t always have access to clean drinking water, and how we have it in abundance in the comfort of our homes. Ramadan has also been slightly harder this year because it’s during the hottest month of the year, in the sweltering heat and thick, sticky and humid atmosphere. For myself personally, this has been one of the bigger challenges of Ramadan this year, keeping your mind distracted from thirst, and keeping a cool attitude. Alhamdullilah, I’ve managed okay so far, I’ve been drinking glasses of water before bedtimes (which I never used to do), and I eat more water-based fruits which also help a lot.

Still, I’ll be looking forward to a nice fruity mocktail in a few weeks, though!


Journal Your Ramadan – Day #23: From where I stand

I’ve been standing in a lot of places today, although it started off slightly boring because of the normal work day, and the heat didn’t really give me a chance to go anywhere interesting! Here’s a few snapshots of today, anyway though!

The view from my office window, a bit boring but if you look closely, you can see the Olympic Stadium, the Orbit and some DLR railway lines. Pretty, see!
A view on the way home, where I stopped to appreciate some greenery (and also debate going to the supermarket)
Ending up at the supermarket, in the frozen food section to cool off from the hot sun outside. I’m not saying I did, but I MAY have gone home with about four boxes of ice cream.
Helping to prepare food for iftari time – this was for a fruity dessert!
Our first barbeque of the year! We decided to make the most of the summery evening and grill chicken (those aren’t my feet, by the way, they’re my niece’s!)
The view in my garden (a bit blurry, sorry!) – by now it was getting darker and cooler, plus the trees gave us good shade.
Some of the food we had! Naturally I was standing around taking pictures before I ate (also do you like our new pretty green and blue glasses?)