Writing on the Wall: Currencies of the World

…all on one board. I found this in a little deli hidden away on Green Street, East London, which the proprietor had displayed on the wall, probably to show the different type of customers and currencies he has come across.

I loved how this looked on the wall, a mish-mash of colours, cultures and odd bits all lined up together to form a small piece of art to catch your eye (and probably to remind you to pay for your food!)



A Ladybird and Chillies

Spotted this today while buying chillies in housewife mode – is it just me who just delicately picks up every and each piece of vegetable to examine before putting it in my bag? Meanwhile a woman in front of me strode up, dove her hand into the pile and grabbed a huge bunch without looking and stuffed them all into her bag (all while looking at me suspiciously, and probably wondering why I’m looking at each individual chilli pepper).

Luckily she didn’t pick up this ladybird (which was still tottering out oblivious to the earthquare happening three inches away) – after I whipped out my camera to take a snap, I left it in peace in the big green jungle : )


Journal Your Ramadan – Day #26: Out and About

Ramadan is drawing to a close, which is keeping all of us quite busy with Eid shopping, food shopping and last-minute chores before that blissful time off work! I’ve been out and about quite a bit in the last week or so, and today was no different – the good thing about the long summer days is that I get to stay out for longer and take my time when shopping. Here’s a few sights I saw today in various places, while shopping and while on the way home.






A Buttonlicious Monday

Just because buttons are one of the most awesomest things ever, and for some reason I’ve always liked them. I used to have a t-shirt with buttons all over it, until I grew out of it and it started looking like a crop top. Which wasn’t a good look, by the way. I love seeing big colourful buttons and crystals like this, and always want to buy some, until I realise I have nothing to sew them to.

New button t-shirt coming up, maybe…



Harlequin Oddities Found About Town: Patriotic Satellite Dishes

There’s always something on Green Street which blatantly plagiarises something, or gives you something to giggle at for its ludicrosity. Today it’s the Olympics logo painted on a satellite dish, surrounded by painted flags on various dishes. If that’s not going to appeal to the passer-bys on Green Street, I don’t know what will.

International cable channels, here we come : D

The Colourful Beauty of Markets

I’ve said before how much I love going to local markets and bazaars, and it’s still no different now. I’m always drawn to the sparkly, luxurious and glittering treasures hidden away, and it’s my opinion that there’s always something new and sparkly to catch the eye in almost any unlikely place. Here’s a few gems I’ve discovered over the last few weeks, which covers a span of areas all over London, from markets in Southall, fabric stalls in East London and flea markets in Central London. I’m always on the look out for things like these, and you can be sure that this is just a small proportion of the things which have caught my eye so far. I’d certainly advise you to visit some of these places, and do let me know of any markets, bazaars or even summer fetes which you come across : )

Harlequin Oddities Found About Town: A Launderette’s Promise

Here’s another landmark I pass every day on my way to work – a twist on the Launderette sell. These deadly washers promise a break for your poor ole wifey who has to wash those delicate silks by hand…but no more! Blossom and Browne’s promise a dazzling white result with a sweet lavender perfume wafting into your nostrils froom your nicely clean undies. Or something like that anyway : )

**DISCLAIMER** This is not actually an advert for hiring assassins from Green Street. There’s no rolling-pin waving ninjas or Kill-Bill type artiste to be found here (not to my knowledge anyway). I take no responsibilities for fools traipsing down Green Street expecting wifey-bashers. The only dead meat is in the butchers two doors down. But enjoy the sights anyway.*

Ribbons and Bobs at Queens Market, Green Street

I love going to Queens Market in Green Street, the hustle and bustle of this place is truly like no other market in London for me. Everytime I come there’s something new to see (and buy), and of course, there’s always a treasure to be found! The venders and market sellers are cross-section of multicultural London , there’s people of every colour, race and religion selling and buying here, and the community spirit and friendship can really be seen here. The fruit sellers will be shouting out their wares, the jewellery on the stalls will wink and glitter at to lure you in and, and the endless fabrics run in reams with busy women bargaining down their prices. There’s a laugh and a joke for everyone, and music always blaring in the background (usually a song I’ve NEVER heard of). It was incredibly easy for me to get these pictures below, everyone is happy to help (more than one market seller asked if I wanted him in the picture as well!) and it’s a nice change from designer labels and stilted etiquettes. I usually go here to wind down after work as I work not too far from here; the buzzing atmosphere and knock-off handbags (not to mention saucy underwear and random, foreign food) are always quite fun to explore. One of my favourite places in London I think, simply because everyone’s looking for something cheap. I always end up buying something everytime I go here and come away feeling that I got a bargain : )

Harlequin Oddities Found About Town: Disney Desi

Every time I go past this shop I have to laugh at the blatant thievery of the famous Disney font. Just like Bollywood films rip of Hollywood storylines, I do love seeing bit of this same blatant disregard in everyday life. The next time you go down to Green Street (Upton Park), keep an eye out for the ‘Desi’ Shop!