WALALA X PLAY at Now Gallery, Greenwich

I recently visited a very fun art gallery at Now Gallery in Greenwich, featuring WALALA X PLAY – a mirror maze of colours, stripes, polka dots and angles  created by digital print designer Camille Walala, and involves having to walk around, explore and look at the different patterns and colours. I love interactive art exhibits like this, which means we get to participate in such a simple way, and which everyone can enjoy in their own way.

The exhibit is in an interesting Pop Art 3D style, and encourages visitors to look at light, colours, reflections, shapes and playfulness, and is meant to give us a view of the human self, so that as we engage we come away with an experience which is influenced by the art.

If you’re around the area, I’d recommend a visit – it’s free and nice for a quick half hour of fun. The exhibition is on until 24th of September though, so hurry!


A Few Simple Chinese Characters

I’ve been playing around with the ink function on my graphics tablet, and thought I’d try drawing some simple Chinese characters. I was surprised to find that although the strokes look a lot simpler to draw, they are a lot more difficult than they look! I had to re-do a lot of the lines after I made them until I got the hang of using bold, thick black strokes and direct them in the right angles.

Here’s my end result, I drew a few classic symbols with the translations underneath, that I liked because they were pretty universal. It’s made me want to try out a few drawings on paper with ink, but I’ll have to wait to buy some before I can try it out!

chinese characters and mehndi Page 1 chinese characters and mehndi Page 4

Weekend Pretty…An Oriental Frieda

A friend of mine (who blogs here!) is a big fan of Frieda Kahlo, and issued a challenge to all her friends online to draw her a Frieda Kahlo in their own interpretation. Here was my submission, which was a quick 20 minute piece I did on my drawing tablet, which I was quite pleased with (it helps that I have an excellent tablet!)

My Frieda was not intentionally meant to be a Eastern-inspired one, but I suppose with the lotus in her hair, the pale skin and red lips, not to mention the jade jewellery made it that way. It’s nice to draw something which lets me play around with different colours and brushes, and also doesn’t feel like a big project. I’m working on something else, which I’ll hopefully be posting as soon as it’s finished, but until then, happy holidayds/Easter/Bank Holiday weekend, and hope you ate lots of spherical and egg-shaped chocolates!


My First Attempt at Tablet Sketching…!

I recently got a new drawing tablet  which I’ve been wanting for a while, which I’ve been playing around with to get the hang of the drawing techniques, brushes and colours. I’ll be posting a proper review of the tablet soon, but here is my first attempt to do a few sketches with various brushes (pencil, ink, oils and chalk) to see how easy it is to draw (it is easy but takes a while to get the hang of it!). More sketches coming soon, hopefully a bit more details and neater than these : )


Star Wars: The Disney-Star Wars Memes Part II

After the first series of Star Wars-Disney mashups and mockery of the news that Disney has bought out the Star Wars franchise, the memes are still going, and I’m loving how artistic some of the images are. So here’s a few more to enjoy, and maybe some to help you decide whether you’re Team StarWars or Team Disney. Or just Team Meme. (I also love this series of Lego Star Wars campaign, which was cute!)








s1 s2
s4d6Images taken from here, here, here, there, here and here

The Internet Strikes Back: Disney Star Wars Mashups & Memes

News that Disney has acquired Lucasfilm and will be releasing a new Star Wars movie in 2015 has provoked some amazingly (and hilarious) responses from the World Wide Web (as well as Hollywood, the news corporations, and just about any five year old obssessed with Disney). Here are just a few of the best memes and mash-ups which I LOVED (I loved looking at these so  much, I may just do a Part 2 to this post!).












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