Weekly Challenge: Cover Art

A few days ago I saw a really colourful piece of street art in Brick Lane, near Aldgate East which caught my eye, not least of all because of the funky design which shows a quirky character (with, I think, his hands on his head?)

I think this would make a really interesting album cover, or even a sketch, or even a comic series! What do you think?

20141023_174035Part of this weeks Weekly Photo Challenge: Cover Art

Beautiful Grafitti Birds by L7M

I ‘m mesmerised by these beautiful bird art pieces in grafitti style, by a Brazilian artist who goes buy L7M, (and is known as Luis Seven Martins by his parents) who blends media and colours to get a dreamy feel mixed with chaos and realism. The effect is beautiful, with realistic rendering and detail, and beautiful, vivid colour. The artist does a range of images, from portraits and various animals, but it’s these birds which I find beautiful and haunting.

You can see more pictures on his Facebook page here or his Flickr account.


Writing on the Wall: Geometric Art

I have no idea what this is meant to be, but it reminded me of those complicated Maths problems with lots of shapes and angles. (I also love the fact that this is right next to the Inner London Crown Court – nice sight before you go before a judge, hey?)

The colours in this are just lovely, and this image reminds me of a colourful, half-completed origami model. It’s a bit random, I know and probably won’t mean much to a lot of people, but I loved this splash of colour during a working day, not to mention some quirky, foldy abstract art.



Stik Family Art

Stik art – literally an artist who draws bright, colourful and oversized stick men with a message. I like the simplicity of this artist’s work, and like Banksy, his work is in random places, the artist is elusive, and usually has a message. This is one that I saw of a Stik family in Whitechapel on the corner of a road (next to a dessert place, may I add!), although I don’t think there was a so much of a political message with this one. I was annoyed that it had been spoilt a little with random tags and stickers, although I suppose that’s what happens when it’s street art.

You can see another Stik piece that I saw a while back here on the door of a pub, which I LOVED, although I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more!


A Cubist (Grafitti) Man

This is something I saw last week in good old art-rich-full Brick Lane area, which reminded me of the Cubism art movement (althought I could be wrong, it may be less 20th century Picasso inspired art, and more about computer pixels!)

I saw as an interesting composition of jerky lines, labels and weird-crusty-old-man-portrait, although I did like the black and white being layered on top of bright yellow. I love that there are so many different styles of art all over walls, floors, billboards, shop fronts and doors all over London, and this just shows one style which is out there.

His stripy top is kind of cool, too.


Writing on the Wall: I am Eagle-Girl, Hear Me Roar

I saw this today while in Brick Lane area wandering around (and enjoying dessert!) and saw this piece of art on one of the walls, which I loved. I have no idea which bird is on her head, but it looks like an eagle-costume or pelt, which made me think of this blog title.

There’s something about this which reminds me slightly of an anime character (perhaps like a weird Totoro character) but I also like the fact that she’s kooky enough to be walking around with a stick in her hand, some wings and a peaceful look on her face.


Musical Food at Motown

Motown Dessert – my new haunt (okay fine, it’s just  the new place I’ve been stalking chocolate cake at, anyway) – I’ve visited this dessert place several times now (and there’s more than one branch too) and have always come away feeling like I’ve spent time in a pretty, cosy den, and with a chocolate-filled stomach.

Dessert places are all the rage in London these days (cupcake parlous, coffee-shops and ice-cream boutiques are practically everywhere!) and it’s always fun to sit down, enjoy a slice of cake or three, and yabber with some friends awhile.

So far, Motown has pleased me – there’s great art, bright lights, some amazing cakes and many things musical related – the first thing which caught my eye were the record tiles along the walls and counters, not to mention the very funky record-lightbulbs. Here’s a glimpse of some of the decor:

20130411_204709 20130416_172452 20130411_193545 20130416_18013320130416_175917

Of course (and more importantly!) there’s scrumptious dessert with cute musical names like James Brownie, Chocomotion and Soul Cake (or something like that, I don’t really remember), which tasted pretty great – it’s always a relief when the food in a pretty restaurant lives up to expectations!

20130416_173438 20130411_195918 20130411_200030 20130416_173448

I love the wall art here too, it’s quirky, London-centric and even musical – which really appeals to my liking (I really do like the red buses and post-boxes which stand out!)

20130416_172538 20130416_172628 20130416_180057 20130416_180106

All in all, this is definitely a place I’d recommend, even if it’s just to ogle the funky art and the musical theme, it’s not often that everything is tied in well together in a restaurant like this – and let’s face  it, there’s chocolate cake to be had and some very tempting ice-cream scoops – who can say no to that?