We Love Miniatures <3: Tiny Perfume Bottles

This is  not so much my collection, than my elder sister’s, which she has had for quite a few years. I’m sure you already know how much I love my miniatures, so this is a beautiful collection to post about (I had a lot of fun taking pictures of these!)

A lot of these are well-known and recognisable brands (like the Jean Paul Gaultier body perfume and Chanel bottles!) which my sister has had for years, and which she has collected over the years. I remember her having a handful of these all the way back from when she was a teenager (particularly because I remember trying to draw some bottles for my Art projects at school!) and it’s amazing that they’ve been kept in such amazing condition.




I’ve tried to show the whole collection here, although I don’t think I quite managed to get all them in one single shot. I love the different shapes and sizes of these bottles – there’s beautifully delicate bottle lids, pretty coloured perfume concoctions and some very artistic bottle shapes, all of which looked , well, pretty cool together.


These are just a few of the beautiful shapes of the miniature bottles, I also . The Amirage bottle below is one of the oldest bottles that I remember (one of the selected few for my art homework at school!) which I’ve always loved because of the pretty lid and because of the curves in it.


And if you don’t believe me about the bottles being miniature (because you can’t always tell in pictures!) here’s some of the baby bottles with the mama bottles to compare sizes!


I love the lovely bottles in this collection, it’s made me want to collect pretty little glass things (although I won’t because they’ll probably break and also because I have nowhere to put them). It’s also put me in a whimsical mood because I’ve just finished reading a book about a glass-make (with magic power, so not that realistic), but I’m fascinated by the deep rich colours of the glass bottles. And of course, they make beautiful miniatures which look very photogenic!

Credit to my sister for lending this collection to me – it’s made me inspired to find more collections!

We Love Miniatures <3: The Tiny Ship in a Tiny Bottle

I’m a big fan of miniature things, and I try to find teeny-tiny things from new places I visit or holidays I go to as souvenirs (which I then put in my teeny doll house and enact Friends episodes with.  Okay, not really).

This tiny ship-in-a-bottle is one example, it’s only about three inches long and one inch high, and has a cute little ship inside (can ships be cute? I don’t know, but this one is). I’m sure you can see that the ship in this bottle is not highly detailed, it’s simple and was probably cheap to make, but I like how different it looks, and it’s certainly one of my favourite miniature souvenirs : )




Rajasthani Style Glass and Plates

Okay they’re not really from Rajasthan, I just though they looked a bit like they came from there because they had a similar style of the rajasthani signature bright colours, mirrors and pretty mosaic patterns combined with glass. And god knows I’m a sucker for pretty, sparkly things like these. Saw these when shopping on the weekend (and bemoaned the fact that I have no space ANYWHERE for ornamental-y things like these in my bomb-site of a house). I liked how pretty the lanterns are too, imagine these things gently swaying in the wind in your back garden (not so pretty, one of the kids running past them in the garden and sending them crashing – not so pretty).

Made me feel as if I was  wandering past a glass seller’s stall on the streets of Morrocco or something. Sigh.

Blue Glass Trinket Boxes

I love trinket boxes, jewellery caskets, pill boxes and glass jars of all kinds , so I couldn’t resist when I saw these translucent, dreamy blue glass trinket boxes (and one mauve one!). The poet in me thinks of water-like  jewels and intricate filagree dull silver, which promise to hold your secrets (and your diamonds) and offer possibilities with their petite bodies. So of course I had to buy them, and I got one for each of  my sisters and sister-in-law (and one for myself of course). I’m sure if you were to look at their contents now, each glass bauble would hold something very different from the last.