Pretty Mosaic Giraffes

I saw this recently and loved it, a mosaic rainbow pair of giraffes created by local charity Headway East London, by survivers of brain injury, using art as a means of expression and communication, as well as helping the survivers in their rehabilitation. I though this was a beautiful, gentle piece of art which used pretty rainbow colours and mirrors to create something which looked pretty joyful – a family of giraffes which is simple yet very endearing : )st

We Love Miniatures <3: Teeny Tiny Knitted Amigurumi Animals

I’ve recently discovered the Japanese art of Amigurumi, which is basically teeny tiny knitted or crocheted animals, which look adorable and very exquistely made. I found this seller on Etsy who sells some beautiful knitted animals (they’re not cheap though, at around £30 -60 per tiny knitted animal loveliness), and these are just a few of the animals I want in my imaginary dollhouse-slash-ark. Along with the mini Cookie Monster, ‘kay?

8Images belong to Su Ami

Quirky Giraffes Mondays (in heels and cigarettes)

So giraffes are my new animal loves (among the regular penguins, pandas, monkeys and turtles. It’s a strange bunch but we work well together :)). So when I see things like these two cute, artily painted giraffes  (one with a cigarette in its mouth and one in pretty red heels), it’s going to appeal to the weirdo in me which loves this quirky kind of stuff. There’s something cute about a brightly painted giraffe looking like a drag queen, even if it looks related to those horses on merry-go-rounds.

Not sure my mother would agree with me though.




Woburn Safari Park – Part II: Hey, Hey it’s the Monkeys

Heh, it’s utterly apt that I’m reading Life of Pi right now, it’s a gold-mine of zoological information and random facts kept popping up in my head while I was at the Safari Park. Did you know that

Oh, and giraffes are my new favourite animal now, ‘kay? The baby ones were just so cute, I would’ve giraffe-napped them if their mummys hadn’t been hovering over them. Although the monkeys were good fun too, the bigger ones jumping up and down were adorably naughty, and the teeny tiny shy ones with tiny faces were both incredibly pretty and haunting. The zebradees were striped cute and the sea-lions were jumping around for joy. And I never knew elephants could be so friendly (or that they feel so rough and hairy and shell-like).

And the best part of the day was splish-splashing around in swan-shaped pedal boats playing dodgems with other boats (I’m not sure whether we were allowed to do that though, plus some of the other boats-passengers got carried away and started scooping up water and throwing it all over my brother-in-law. Hee hee) – all before my niece and nephew got in the driver’s seat and we ended up stranded on the side of the lake. And I got to take home a penguin-filled glass home too : )