Giant Monopoly in the Square

Last weekend my sister and I took the chance to go to Trafalgar Square to play Monopoly – a giant version of the game, that is. The Giant board was installed for a short-term by the London Games Festival team to promote the festival over the week, and also get some of the public to join in with the fun.

Although the board wasn’t as huge as I expected (I expected it to be literally the same size as the square!) it was still a fun idea and people could still play the game by downloading the game app on their phone or with the game organisers. There also weren’t many pieces (just the cat and the racing car, no top hat which is always my piece!) they made nice pieces for display.


We were able to have a quick round on the board before it got really busy – there were a lot of tourists who loved the idea! I also liked that fact that the colours and the ‘properties’ were put together pretty well, but as a game version rather than road names.


It was a pretty sunny day out so perfect for some gaming, and afterwards my sister and I climbed up the lions next to Nelson’s Column (which was scary because my shoes were not climbing shoes!) and took in the view of the Square.

You can see more pictures here on my sister’s blog as well – let me know what you think : )

Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginnings

Thought I’d show you what we spent our holidays doing (and crying over), playing Monopoly and spending time with the family. I always pick the top hat by the way, which is why it’s on the ‘GO’ tile, about to pick up the salary, probably after losing all of my money!

I also picked this picture because it made me think about the things I want to prioritise this year, like looking for a new job and also making big changes in my life, both personal and financial. 2013 was an interesting year for me because I spent a lot of time with family (mainly the two newest additions in the family!) and also because it made me realise the things I need to change about myself as I get older.

I’m hoping that 2014 will be a better year in terms of having a positive attitude about things, as well as focusing on the things I love doing. I have a friend who has quit her current job to fully concentrate on her love for art (she’s a brilliant artist!), crafts and also to focus on the charity she runs, which I envy because it takes a lot of guts to tear yourself away from the security a job brings and risk going free-lance. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that stage just yet, but it’s nice to remind myself that the option is always there if the time comes.

So, here’s to new beginnings in the New Year – not to mention playing more games with family! Dibs on the top hat : )

challPart of the Weekly Photo Challenge – Beginnings

Queens, Knights and Dodos – Martin Brown’s Fantasy Art

I’ve stumbled across the wonderful Martin Brown‘s beautifully detailed paintings (not to be confused with Martin Brown the illustrator!), which look amazingly colourful, and have some seriously beautiful characters who look both  magical and eerie. I love how these appeal to the fantasy genre, adding leprechauns, elves and dragons among ordinary mice and dogs; and grands Queens and Knights in Elizabethan style dress and fairy-tale-esque glamour.

I’ve been trying to find more images by this artist, but haven’t had much luck, but the ones I have see are just amazing – definitely an inspiring artist.