“Books are a uniquely portable magic.” — Stephen King

Pick a door, any door. Personally, I’d got for either Middle Earth  or Hogwarts. Mainly cos of the elves (long-haired blonde ones or little tiny ones which need clothes, I’m not fussy!)

Image from here

Queens, Knights and Dodos – Martin Brown’s Fantasy Art

I’ve stumbled across the wonderful Martin Brown‘s beautifully detailed paintings (not to be confused with Martin Brown the illustrator!), which look amazingly colourful, and have some seriously beautiful characters who look both  magical and eerie. I love how these appeal to the fantasy genre, adding leprechauns, elves and dragons among ordinary mice and dogs; and grands Queens and Knights in Elizabethan style dress and fairy-tale-esque glamour.

I’ve been trying to find more images by this artist, but haven’t had much luck, but the ones I have see are just amazing – definitely an inspiring artist.


The Many Mysteries of the (Work) World

Every now and then, things can go missing in the big world of Work. I’m pretty sure I’ve found the truth behing these long-unsolved mysteries.
Now to lay out the mouse traps…

(Note to self: perhaps it’s not a good idea to click ‘Reply All’ to an email query about some missing files at work. A doodled leprechaun just doesn’t go down well for some reason, some people are just born without the humour gene, eh?)