Glueguns & Craftiness: Heart-Shaped Eggs

I’ve never tried this, but it’s definitely worth a shot, and it does look seriously cute. Just make sure the eggs are properly cooked first, otherwise you’ll end up with questionable stains all over your clothes and an angry mother :/

When you’re done, hand it over to your special someone (or just put it in your tummy).

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Magic 8 Egg Mondays

So apparently there’s an Easter Egg hunt around London going on, with lots of Faberge-inspired eggs designed by several designers and celebrities.

Here’s the first one I saw, which I loved. It’s now up for sale, some of them at some stonking prices. I’m on a hunt for the other eggs while they’re still on display, it’s like Pokemon, gotta catch em all! Err, maybe not. But I’m definitely going to be posting anymore that I see, and I’ll be encouraging you to look out too! Have you seen any other ones so far?