A Floral Print Rickshaw in London

I saw this recently while wandering around in London, and was ecstatic to find this floral-printed rickshaw (especially as I had heard about these and was keeping an eye out for these). There’s several customised by various well-known designers carefully placed in spots around London (or have been, for the last two months, I’m not sure they’re still there!)

The rickshaws were designers and put forward by the Travels to My Elephant campaign, which works to save and preserve elephants, their habitats and generate awareness. You may remember the Faberge Eggs display a few years ago by the same organisation, this year they opted for lots of colourful elephant statues placed all over London, as well as these rickshaws.

Naturally after taking some pictures I took the chance to sit inside and make my husband pretend to drive the rickshaw like an old Indian Noir film (he refused to pretend to drive or pose, so I just did it by myself).

Did you see any of these around London?


Quirky Giraffes Mondays (in heels and cigarettes)

So giraffes are my new animal loves (among the regular penguins, pandas, monkeys and turtles. It’s a strange bunch but we work well together :)). So when I see things like these two cute, artily painted giraffes  (one with a cigarette in its mouth and one in pretty red heels), it’s going to appeal to the weirdo in me which loves this quirky kind of stuff. There’s something cute about a brightly painted giraffe looking like a drag queen, even if it looks related to those horses on merry-go-rounds.

Not sure my mother would agree with me though.




The Car Guys

I would love to have a wall full of these, and I’d sort them all out by size order and colour too. I love this display of hundreds of mini toy cars in different makes and models, from all eras (seen in Hamleys toyshop, which is so full of bright colours and sparkles, you can’t blame me for getting distracted.) I love this silhouette look, although I’m not so sure whether all these cars would stay put in my house though (and I’m sure my feet would find several in the middle of the night).

Still, they look so pretty and all.