Weekly Dali-Disney Links

Time for the weekly links!

So these look cool – trainers which can let you upload any digital design on the surface, so you can change them to match your outfit! ShiftWear sneakers – there’s debate about whether these are a scam or not, but it’s cool idea! You can see a demo here as well.

The famous Salvador Dali and Disney made a short movie together – and it’s available to watch more than 50 years after it was made! You can watch it on Youtube now – it’s got the signature Dali style to it, very surreal and dreamy, but I kind of loved it.

Buildings designed to look like other things – some of these are bonkers.

Smart-ass vandalism, gotta love some of these.

I thought these were brilliants – a gif of 11 actors and their most iconic film roles summed up.

Harry Potter – re-done by Pencilmation! The entire movie done in two minutes in a pencil, cartoon style. Check out their other movies too (I love the Ghostbusters one!)

I thought this was interesting – a photo series by artist Baljit Singh to highlight the mentality of dowry in Asian culture, and how this can affect a girl’s life from a young age.

Cat heads placed on owl bodies – it’s weird how well some of these fit.

Gemma Correll’s guide to the mundane, everyday worries of life.


Weekly Rainbow Pizza Links

I’ve been reading a lot murder mysteries lately, so I’m in a mood for something silly today – weekly links time!

I’m loving these beautiful funkadelic rainbow lightbulbs which throw patterns on the wall – probably not the best light for when you’re trying to cook in the kitchen, but hey, it’s so pretty!

Unmasked superheroes – some of these are not what you’d expect!

History’s most powerful and poignant letters and diary entries – prepare to feel moved.

So this is 6,000 matches being lit at the same time which is weirdly satisfying to watch.

So this is a receipt for rainbow pizza. Eat it at your own risk.

Me and social media.

A little dose of Disney – Disney characters in the real world. I quite like the idea of little mice from Cinderella running around, although it’s probably not a safe scenario there! More from the creator, here.

A review of every James Bond movie by animated spy agent Archer. Don’t expect much from this guy.

Some of these are beautiful – photos merged with fantasy for some very cool pictures. Something to try at home, perhaps.

And now, a rap.

Weekly Beautiful Libraries Links

I’ve been looking for books to read, but have ended up finding silly links and games to play – so far I’ve played 5 rounds of Battleship on my mobile and only won twice. Here’s some links while I play again.

If 2016’s Oscar-nominated movie posters told the truth – let’s see which one of them wins tonight!

When Frozen meets Star Wars. A mashup by artist Katarzyna Witerscheim.

And while you’re at it, here’s some hijabi-fied Disney Princesses.

A magnetic collage – a short story with GIFs.

Thought this was good – a piece of fiction on an alien’s take of human behaviour.

This is one for Londoners – cute and quirky cafe shops around London to visit for something a little different.

This white chocolate sphere dessert. Surprisingly not that difficult to make!

An interesting article on China and it’s women-only mosques – part of BBC’s documentaries about China.

I’m a real library freak, and I always look for pretty bookshops and libraries whenever I travel abroad. A list of beautiful libraries around the world to add to my bucket list.

5 second films – enjoyment and wasting less of your time. Or more of your time depending on how many of these you end up watching.

Weekly Mean Legolas Links

Yaayyy, it’s Sunday! Here’s a few links before the crazy week back to work (for me) until the holidays!

I loving the new Twitter crazy this week – #explainafilmplotbadly – some hilarious submissions here! Here’s just a few of my favourites.

I love finding alternative worlds of famous cartoon or TV characters – this is one comic strip I found by the wonderful Sassquach of Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Donald on a Boy’s Night Out. It’s a little long so be patient, but it’s wonderfully moving and well done – as soon as I read it I wanted more. Let me know what you think of it.

I have to throw in some Disney here. If they re-made Disney films like this, imagine how much more popular (and awkward) they’d be!

A whole tumblr site devoted to Parks & Recs mash-up with Lord of the Rings. Weirdly it works well. Read more on Buzzfeed here.

And if you liked that one, this is even better – Mean Girls meets Lord of the Rings. I love how well they fit. Here’s a Harry Potter mash-up as well.

I wish I had ideas like this when I go on holiday. Famous landmarks which are transformed with simple pieces of cut-out paper. Part one here and part two here.

I thought this was amazing – astrophysics of galaxies visualized with a foam ball soaked in water, complete with the stars. Not entirely accurate but makes a beautiful demonstration.

Literary classics re-imagined in text messages. Most of them sound like whiny teenages, to be honest.

Well, it was inevitable, they have everything else. Japan has it’s own My Little Pony cafe, for all the Pony fans (and Bronies).

Birds with arms. Because, why not.

Something cute to finish off – wildlife that’s cute and funny. These are submissions for the competition held by The Comedy Wildlife, some of these are adorable!

Let me know what you think of these, I’ve been giggling away and wasting lots of time in front of Sherlock re-runs, and generally having a good Sunday looking for these : D


Weekly Donald Trump Princess Links

It’s that time of the week to take some time out, get the mouse ready to click, and basically look at useless websites to make us happy. Here’s some links I found.

When advertising fridges takes a new level.

Hinglish, a mix of English words with Hindi accents you need in your life.

I love finding blogs with talented artists, particularly those with a story for each piece and some serious talent. Doodlewash is one of these, browse away!

The things we did as kids. One woman’s apology to her parents.

Amazing Paper Craft, seriously inspiring. And I can barely make a paper plane.

Awesome superhero strips! I love these.

Foreign words that can’t be translated into English in a single word – some illustrations.

Not sure where to browse? Try The Useless Web, one click and it takes you to a useless page. Pretty self-explanatory.

Donald Trump as Disney Princesses. Because why not?

Super cute cards for people you don’t like. I’ve been looking for these.


Weekly Gurrrlll Links

I always enjoy doing these, although inevitable I go from one (more sensible page) and end up watching cat videos on Youtube.

What does ‘Guurrl’ really mean? I can relate to all of these.

Parenting. Nuff said.

For the Harry Potter Fans who want more after the ending – here’s a compilation of what happened to who in Life after Hogwarts.

For the Bollywood watchers, here’s an accurate and hilarious summary of Devdas. I remember when this came out (more than ten years ago now!) and it’s still pretty breath-taking (and emo!)

I almost wish my wedding pictures were this emotional.

I need to convince my mum to plant these in her garden – flowers that turn into transparent skeletal looking flowers.

If Disney Heroines had their mothers, they wouldn’t be in the mess they ended up in. That clears a lot of things up.

Instagram nonsense which is actually kinda cool

Words you never knew existed but which have lovely meanings.

This is cool – the Bechdel IMBD list about women who talk about something other than men.

Shakespeare illustrated – I liked this one from Romeo and Juliet!

The pencil case I would have hated as a kid, but which I want now so I can pretend it’s one of my mum’s rotis.

Weekly Send Your Enemies Glitter Links

It’s been a while since I did one of these, mainly because I keep forgetting to post them. But here they are, thy first weekly links post of the year (took me a while, I know, but I was gathering good links…for research purposes or something.)

I really want one of these, flip books with a message in them. They’re old school and still awesome. And yes, I’m married now, but I still want the one with the proposal and ring in it 😀

3D Lettering art to mess with your head. Amazingly done too.

Game of Thrones fans, this is for you! A Game of Thrones-themed restaurant will be temporary open in London in Andaz Liverpool Street Hotel, with the food set out banquet-style, although it’s only running for a week and there’s one or two days left!

Disney Princesses re-imagined as fried food, in case you ever wondered. I quite fancy Beauty and the Wingdings myself.

I love this, turning coins into wearable jewellery. Available to buy here as well! (Although us Pakistanis and Indians started the money-wearing trend first, we used to thread notes into necklaces for grooms to wear at weddings!)

If Hermione were the main character in Harry Potter, a whole series re-defined. Ten Gryffindor points to feminism.

An animated short called Three Russian Bogaturs, very enjoyable and funny! Sometimes the most enjoyable cartoons are the simplest.

This is just disturbing, and weird, but there’s someone out there who’ll buy it – candles made to look like body parts. I remember getting useless lavender-scented candles for my birthday and not knowing where to put them, people will think twice now if I buy them this!

Why you should have a Vulcan boyfriend, a few reasons. Logical and argument-free!

Now this is wall art – DIY and made of moss – this guy did some seriously cool art, and there’s a recipe as well!

A knitted scarf made of gummy worms. Risk having some sticky fingers!

Send your enemies glitter. This is a thing now.

That’s all I have for today, but I’ll be compiling more and posting more again soon! Cupcake anyone?


Weekly Odd Compliments Links

Weekly links time! Here’s some silliness for you.

One of the funniest Bollywood re-caps I’ve ever read – how to ruin your childhood and all those movies we watch.

A job application from a toddler. Looks okay to me.

Lessons on patriarchy and losing your tail for a silly reason by The Little Mermaid.

An alternate reality of Batman, where his parents become Batman and Joker. Love this idea.

Satellite pictures from around the world – some of these are amazing views. Not sure why saudi Arabia looks like a bunch of vinyl records though.

Pictures of famous cars by Jesus Prudencio – see if you can guess them without reading the captions!

Brilliant adverts which are shocking for some people, but these are amazing.

A website on finding movies and TV shows according to the genre, actors, run-time, etc – try it and see whether you like it!

A daily odd compliment. For those of us who like to be more awkward than usual.

Things you don’t need to know pushing out other stuff in your brain.

Celebrities with tiny hands. I don’t even know.

Remember these? Who needs weed when you can trip out on these?

Stop versus Go – battle of the little men.


Weekly Scary Muppets Links

It’s been a good while since I’ve done of these, I’ve been bookmarking funny (and random) articles everywhere waiting to do a Weekly Links post, and finally am able to link them. I won’t bombard you with all of them, so here are some of the best ones:

Books – and what a difference one letter can make. The Lion, the Itch and the Wardrobe makes me think of mothballs, for some reason.

Muppets with people eyes
. This is genuinely disturbing for a reason I can’t quite put a finger on – maybe because they look so much more sinister and serial killer-y. Yikes.

Conversations with Cats. Just because.

Some Disney love – Disney movies inside other Disney movies (because we can spend the whole film looking for other characters rather than follow the plot) and er…exploding Disney Princesses. I don’t really know how to explain that one.

This is cute, a blog about brothers and sisters relationships pictures – although less cute is the postal potato (I may try this on one of my sisters though).

Bad lip-reading (and translation) of scenes from The Walking Dead. There’s a whole channel devoted to this, believe it or not!

Silly Youtube comments. We all look out for (and contribute to) these!

Cliches and well-worn sayings, I do like this, plus there’s the following two posts underneath.

Lastly, why we like WordPress.com (if you’re actually on WordPress then you’ll relate even more!)

That’s all for this week, I hope you’re enjoying the weekend and planning lots of things for the summer (I know we are!), until then, here’s some Lego.