Weekly Photo Challenge: Nostalgia is an island

This week’s Weekly Challenge is ‘Nostalgic‘, which for me, brings to mind the best places I have been to, and the suprising little secrets they hold. They say the past is another country, but for me it’s also an island – isolated perhaps by the rose-tinted glasses we wear when we look back – but also untainted because of the good memories we hold, particularly when it comes to places which change (or don’t!) as time goes on.

One of these places is undoubtably the wonderful Cornwall, which I visited with my family a couple of years ago, and which I have never forgotten. (One of) the most memorably places which we visited was St Michael’s Mount, which was a small island that has a long path to walk along to get there – but you have to be quick, otherwise the tide comes in on the way back! I think everyone’s favourite memory that day was dashing along the path in the evening, holding their pants/dress/shoes up and splashing their way back to the shore, before we could get stranded (and would have to take the boat back).

We didn’t get to explore the island for long, because we arrived mid-day and only managed to walk around for an hour or so, but it’s definitely on my to-visit list when we come back – this time we’ll bring wellies and a paddling boat!

DSCF2664 DSCF2423 DSCF2431 DSCF2670 DSCF2677

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curved Flowers

I thought I would join the Weekly Photo Challenge, which is ‘Curves‘ this week – my interpretations is curved (and curving flowers). I found these beautiful flowers (and a whole load more) at the wonderful Eden Project, Cornwall.

#1. This is one of my favourite flowers that I saw at the Eden Project (and not just because they remind me of those striped sweets, Campinos, either!). These flowers looked vividly coloured and graceful, and of course, they’re very photogenic. From all of the flowers in the Eden Project that stays with me the most, this is one of them.


2. I remember my mum pointing this out to me in the walkways at Eden Project, which we all ‘ooh-ed and ahhed’ over. It’s not obvious in the picture, but this patch was pretty huge, and covered quite a wide space, which made the purple and green spirals look even more magnificent because it encircled the stone walkways and seemed to follow us around as we walked around the garden areas. It must have taken a lot of work to make these curves, but it was well appreciated!


3. Lastly is this arum lily, which I saw in abundance at the Eden Project and which I’ve included because it’s one of my favourite flowers. There’s something about this flower which represents elegance to me, it almost reminds me of a sheath dress made from a single piece of fabric and seamless stitched together to make a striking, elegant Greek-style robe. The way this flower curves upwards and outwards in a shape which I’ve always tried to capture on paper and in photography, but it’s something which will always fascinate me.


And that folks, is my post about curves – what’s your idea of a curve?

Yachts at St Ives

This is a photo from about a year and a half ago, when I visited the beautiful Cornwall and it’s amazing beaches and landmarks. There were several places which we visited which have stuck in my mind, like Fistral Beach (with its amazing surfers) and St Michael’s Mount, two of which were probably my famous places. We also were lucky enough to visit the famous St Ives town and it’s beach, which had a beautifully old lighthouse, a really family-friendly beach, and fish-and-chip shops complete with cobbled streets.

I love this picture because of the colours in it, I took this shot right before the sun began to set, and managed to get a rosy colour of the waters. My favourite thing about this picture, though, is the tiny boats in the background, which make the whole scene seem quite serene.


The Eden Project

The Eden Project is really worth a visit, it has beautiful abstract pieces and natural plants on display, and it is easy to see where the money for donations and ticket prices go towards. The Eden project is constantly trying to find ground-breaking discoveries to help the planet, but it really s worth a visit.

Or as one of my (male) friends summed up, “You’ll like it if you’re basically either a girl or a botanist.” Nice.

St Michael’s Mount and It’s Disappearing Path

We’re off the see the Wizard…

The island and its parish is surrounded by many myths and is drenched in history, possibly being as old as from 8th to 11th century. It is supposedly the site where the legendary King Arthur fought a local giant, and also where Joseph of Arimethea (uncle of Jesus) came to visit as a trade merchant.

On the main Island, there’s a lovely chapel, you can see a huge map of Cornwall painted on the house inside

The tides start to come in…

And begins to cover the path completely (you should have seen all of us striding down the path squealing at the freezing cold water splashing over our ankles and soaking our legs – made worse by the fact that we were at the back of the group!). All shoes were swiftly moved as they were rendered redundant and soggy.

And here is the path completely covered by the path, making the only way across possible by boat or um…swimming.