Lazy Sundays

I’ve had a pretty busy week this week, so I’m finally settled in this Sunday and multi-tasking with some yummy home-made chocolate cake, blogging catch-up and getting on with that (digital) stack of books I’ve been waiting to read.

I’m hoping to do a few book reviews for this week, so watch this space! In the meantime, here’s my view today : )

Happy weekendings, all x

The 8-Bit Movie Gifs by Dusan Cezak

I love seeing 8-bit interpretations of stuff (like this), so I really like these 8-bit gif by Slovakian animator Dusan Cezek, who took his love of movies and re-drew them as a gifs series called ‘Pixelwood‘. I adore all of these (although my favourite is quite possibly The Avengers one) – the movies are instantly recognisable, despite how concise and simple the gifs are. I really like seeing art like this – it’s cute, clever and shows a mix of two of my favourite things, art and film.

You can see more of Dusan Cezak’s 8-bit comic-themed gifs here and the rest of his work here.

The Big Lebowski8f21e8f4980827a3572f76a9932af3b5

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissouc01963390b3a97ce9a640fd80355ca46

Nacho Libre5748f5e7cfeb0747586e2a5249e38723


District 988e03b3c7dfddd3ab9085cbf13692919

Shaun of the Dead628a788fff49f7432351a561d9c529b1

Pulp Fiction777fb9a87154b06c4433515ee841d61a

Evil Deadedbea56254d9f3708b7cb8c2552eb82d

The Avengers8ea467520bbec472737b6aed05912d3e

The Fifth Elementce8476a5750ace5d19811c836fc45a9b

Fight Club293154e83ae32b10b478e85a679839ce

Image Source

Super Mario Bros’ London Underground Map

I kinda love this – a pixellated Super Mario-style London Underground designed by the amazing art pixies at Reddit, which shows all the tube lines and the River Thames as, well, square-y things. I’m one of those people who have to use the London Underground all the time, so things like this appeal to me because it’s a nice quirky way to see every day things being re-interpreted. And what better than with classic 80s and 90s gaming icons?

Somebody call TfL and let them know they need to put this on their walls, if only just to confuse tourists a little.

subermarioImage Source

Harlequin Oddities Found About Town: A Toy Boy

Here’s something which puts another spin on having a toy boy, a mannequin made of old 90s and 80s toys we used to have until we got too old for them and most of our childhood got distriubuted to the nearest lucky charity shop. It’s kinda a little bit like this Pill Head but made of, well, toys, and continues beyond the neck. The only thing I’m surprised about is why the Fisher Price telephone is not there, but it makes up for it with all the Power Ranger action figures on there.

If you look really closely on both of the arms, you can even see a Red Power Ranger and a Green one pretending to be hands, there’s a Black Power Ranger and Blue one pretending to be biceps, and we even spotted the awesome Yellow Ranger on the back.




Writing on the Wall: Cover your wall with QWERTY keys

Ever wondered how to make your  wall more 3D and solid, AND still feel like you’re in front of a computer? Well now you can practice your touch-typing even while you’re half asleep in bed – with the wall next to you. Artist Sarah Frost has decided to take a few blank walls that were missing a few thousand keys, and fill the spaces in. Yet it makes for an interesting look, and has proved quite popular, especially when you think about how ugly these broken buttons are on their own, and when combined make for a spectactular look on the wall.

Next time you think of redecorating the living room, try something a bit more radical, no?

Images belong to Sarah Frost

Laptop Skins by Siratt

I am in LOVE with these beautiful laptop skins created by Islamic-art inspired company Siratt, which have been designed to beautify the front of laptops and give them a very unique look. I also love how realistic some of these images look, and how rich the colours are of each design. Here are just a few examples of the different skins that are available:

Arabesque ArtistrySihouette Images

Islamic Tiles

Calligraphy Art

Prayer Mat Art

All images belong to Siratt company

Some very pretty skins and images here, and I love the fact that there is something like this available for those who wish to enjoy art or those who wish to have something Islamically inspired incorporated with their techonology.

Have a browse at their other items too – their life journals are equally sumptious, and the art canvases are definitely worth a look for the rich, wild colours.