Miniature Silhouette Art

Here’s a few pieces I worked on recently, I wanted to use some metallic silver or gold pens on these to add a little sparkle but didn’t find a decent enough pen to use unfortunately. I love drawing miniatures (plus I find them easier than larger scale pieces, usually because I end up drawing everything out of proportion!) and thought I’d mix up some watercolour backgrounds with silhouettes. I’ve done a couple more but didn’t love those, so here are my three favourites.

I’m trying to push myself to practise, practise, practise more of my pen lines, so fingers crossed I’ll be posting more soon! Let me know what you think, and which you like most : )





Pencil & Mosaic Eyes Are Watching You

I’m not sure what I was thinking when I did this one, back in the day. I did each of these separately (the pencil drawing of the eye is part of a bigger picture which was actually a self-portrait that was not flattering). The mosaic was meant to be part of an inspired self-portrait too, but I ended up just trying to finish the darn thing the night before it was due in (Art coursework, those were the days!) so it ended up looking a bit like a grey Avatar-ish creature.

Still passed, though.


Peacock Drawing Mondays

Like when your niece asks you to draw a peacock, and all you have is lined paper.

Luckily, I’ve noticed that I have a growing fascination with peacocks these days (among other animals!), so I’ve been doodling and drawing peacocks and peacock feathers here and there to see what works, not to mention working some peacock motifs into mehndi art.

This is the end result of the peacock I drew for my niece, which I thought could have been a lot worse 🙂


My First Attempt at Tablet Sketching…!

I recently got a new drawing tablet  which I’ve been wanting for a while, which I’ve been playing around with to get the hang of the drawing techniques, brushes and colours. I’ll be posting a proper review of the tablet soon, but here is my first attempt to do a few sketches with various brushes (pencil, ink, oils and chalk) to see how easy it is to draw (it is easy but takes a while to get the hang of it!). More sketches coming soon, hopefully a bit more details and neater than these : )


Andy Warhol inspired Cola Bottles

This is an old piece that I did, inspired by Andy Warhol’ ‘Green Coca-Cola Bottles‘, where I interposed the famous brand name over the repetitious motif of cola bottles in the background. This was surprisingly not that difficult to do in the end, as the key was in the colour scheem and making sure that the ‘Coca-Cola’ sign was cleverly in line with the background. I’m quite pleased with how this turned out, it has quite an effective look yet also a very simple one, and is something that would be quite easy to replicate again.

Think Coca-Cola will ever hire me if they see this? Didn’t think so. Evil corporate money grabbers. Don’t want to work for their advertising teams anyway. And it’s not like their coke is THAT addictive anyways…

“Surrealism is destructive, but it destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.” – Salvador Dalí

I’m quite a fan of Salvador Dali’s work, mainly because of the absolutely amazing detail of his dream-like paintings, and he is, after all, considered one of the lead thinkers of the Surrealism movement. I don’t really want to go too much into detail and  analyse his paintings too much, as there are plenty of expert opinions on this subject. Just wanted to pick out a detail of one of his most famous pieces, ‘The Persistence of Memory‘, which explores dreams, unreality and the fluidity of time. I liked the melting clocks in this piece, as it was a concept which is rich with meaning, showing how hard objects are shown as fluid and limp, and time itself becomes confusing. I explored this subject a few years ago when looking at Dali’s work, and tried to do a few imitations of my own of the famous clocks:

I then tried to incorporate the same fluidity and limpness into other solid objects to see the result of how they would ‘melt’:

Although not all of my attempts with different objects were successful, it was a good way of seeing how they may look if they were fluid. I also tried to use different media to see if this would influence the looks of the object. I like the last two the most, as these give a real ‘melted’ look and seem a bit more solid than the previous designs.