The Car Guys

I would love to have a wall full of these, and I’d sort them all out by size order and colour too. I love this display of hundreds of mini toy cars in different makes and models, from all eras (seen in Hamleys toyshop, which is so full of bright colours and sparkles, you can’t blame me for getting distracted.) I love this silhouette look, although I’m not so sure whether all these cars would stay put in my house though (and I’m sure my feet would find several in the middle of the night).

Still, they look so pretty and all.

Car Henge

US sculpture and artist Jim Reinders thought he’d re-create the famous English landmark using sprayed cars and place them in the same formation. While it looks slightly like a few dozen joyriders’ fun gone seriously wrong, it still looks pretty impressive. Impressive enough to draw in thousands of tourists every year anyway.

Perhaps we could play around with different formats – Stonge Henge re-created with giant balloons or massive foam or hundreds of sweets, or…or…!

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