Beautiful Rainy Street Art by Dan Kitchener

I saw this a couple of days ago while wandering around Camden Town, which is rich with beautiful, quirky and huge street art scenes all over the town.

I fell in love with this rainy scene by artist Dan Kitchener, whose work is all over London (and also parts of Europe!) – the bright lights (which reminded me of Tokyo!), rainy reflections on the floor, slick vehicles and plenty of umbrellas – there’s something to stare at in every corner. This piece covers a whole wall along the side of a restaurant in the centre of Camden Town, and looks stunning with its mix of bright colours against a black dark background. Something about all the pedestrians hiding under umbrellas seems like it should be lonely, but instead it is haunting, beautiful and gives a sense of solidarity – there’s plenty of rain and umbrellas in London but we’re all together, perhaps.

I’ll be looking for more of these, but what a beautiful way to enjoy the weekend, hey?



Giant Monopoly in the Square

Last weekend my sister and I took the chance to go to Trafalgar Square to play Monopoly – a giant version of the game, that is. The Giant board was installed for a short-term by the London Games Festival team to promote the festival over the week, and also get some of the public to join in with the fun.

Although the board wasn’t as huge as I expected (I expected it to be literally the same size as the square!) it was still a fun idea and people could still play the game by downloading the game app on their phone or with the game organisers. There also weren’t many pieces (just the cat and the racing car, no top hat which is always my piece!) they made nice pieces for display.


We were able to have a quick round on the board before it got really busy – there were a lot of tourists who loved the idea! I also liked that fact that the colours and the ‘properties’ were put together pretty well, but as a game version rather than road names.


It was a pretty sunny day out so perfect for some gaming, and afterwards my sister and I climbed up the lions next to Nelson’s Column (which was scary because my shoes were not climbing shoes!) and took in the view of the Square.

You can see more pictures here on my sister’s blog as well – let me know what you think : )

Pics & Tricks: Perspectives – A Car View

It can be interesting to play around with angles of an object to create an optical illusion which can change perspective with different views. One of the things I’ve learned over the years as I’ve gotten more and more interested in photography is how to present an object and make the most of what you see (and think you can see!)

This is a car that I took a photograph of today, which I took from the front to get a flattering angle – the red of this car looks beautiful:


So now you’ve seen the car, here’s what it really is, a toy car! (to be fair, it did look plasticky from the first picture, but I couldn’t hide that!) When the picture is taken from the top and further away as a whole picture, you can see what it is, rather than distorting the picture to show another reality.


So here the pictures are side by side so you can see the difference in angles and zoom – there’s a different effect created in each right? I’d love to try this out with big (and smaller) buildings and landmarks, to see the different end results you get from various angles – something for future posts, I think!

carAlso part of this week’s Photo Challenge: Perspectives

The Animal Applicance Kingdom comes to John Lewis

I saw this amazing Christmas-themed display at John Lewis a few weeks ago and loved it, animals made purely from household appliances, electrical goods and random furniture. I love the cute quirkiness of all of these animals, and especially how well crafted they are – I can certainly  see how they’ve tied this display in with their Christmas advert.

Here’s a few pictures (or several!) of the different animals which have been created using some brilliant creativity and a lot of imagination – my favourite are the penguins but there’s so many more which are just adorable.


London Lights and Disco Balls

I know, I know, I haven’t been posting recently, but worry not, I haven’t abandoned you all! I’ve been studying for a driving theory test for a few days and finally got it done and over with today (I passed, thank god!) – which made me think about the whole driving thing and why I didn’t do it earlier (I’m lazy), whether I think it will be a valuable skill (it will) and whether I would recommend it to others (most probably, unless you’re lazier than I am).

In the mean time, here’s a view of London’s busy Bond Street which I managed to snap a quick picture of to capture all the pretty lights (which looked a bit like disco balls, but I still like them) and busy traffic. Didn’t manage to buy anything, but saw plenty of goodies in the windows!


The Right and The Left

I love this series of pictures, of the right-and-left sides of the brains. What stuns me most is that these were designed by, of all companies, Mercedes-Benz. I love the whole concept of these, and I find myself saying ‘yes, that’s me!’ to both sides (although I find that I’m more Right and Left).

I love how much work has gone into this, I can imagine that these would appeal to everyone for one reason or the other – there’s so much emotion coming out from them, really illustrating the difference between logical, accurate and scientific and the artistic, passionate and carefree.

So which side are you?



passion-72dpiImages from here

Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines & Patterns

I love patterns, whether they’re on the surface, in the sky, in buildings or in everyday things – there’s art everywhere! This week challenge about lines being patterns, just shows that lines can be linear, straight and may sound boring, but they’re anything but! Here’s a few lines I’ve seen lately for you to look at today, I wanted to post a lot more than these and couldn’t decide, but managed to narrow it down to these!

Happy Monday!

Trees that Glow (or, a sunset which reminds me of The Lion King)

Yup, back to the ever-lasting sunset mission, which is of this shot I took of some clustered trees on a giant plains that I saw on the drive home. I like how the trees frame the sun as it rises, and how calm the skies look, so that the cool blues blend into the oranges in the sky. I’m glad that I finally managed to get a sunset away from the buildings and metal of the city, and finally get something a lot more open and peaceful-seeming! (Plus it makes me try to visualise a tiny lion cub being held up somewhere. )


Harlequin Oddities Found About Town: A Toy Boy

Here’s something which puts another spin on having a toy boy, a mannequin made of old 90s and 80s toys we used to have until we got too old for them and most of our childhood got distriubuted to the nearest lucky charity shop. It’s kinda a little bit like this Pill Head but made of, well, toys, and continues beyond the neck. The only thing I’m surprised about is why the Fisher Price telephone is not there, but it makes up for it with all the Power Ranger action figures on there.

If you look really closely on both of the arms, you can even see a Red Power Ranger and a Green one pretending to be hands, there’s a Black Power Ranger and Blue one pretending to be biceps, and we even spotted the awesome Yellow Ranger on the back.