Catherine Bertola – ‘Everything and Nothing’

Modern artist Catherine Bertola takes an interesting concept of using rubbish, dust and over-looked dust by making them into beautiful pieces of art displays. I visited the British Museum a while back and saw some of her work displayed throughout the museum in a beautiful display of pretty flowers, shapes and delicate, 3D art.

This artwork is made solely from dust, glue and similar mediums , which is a novelty in itself, which was something which was displayed both brazenly yet also covertly throughout the British Museum walls. Although examples of this artist’s piece appears elsewhere in the museum as well, in all cases it seems to be hidden away so that there is a suggestion that the focus is not on this artwork, but rather, the concept itself. And because it is a contemporary display, it does not really fit into many of the categories that the Museum sorts itself with; therefore it is hidden on walls, behind a bench, around corners. The irony behind this artist’s work though, is that it is made up of ‘throwaway’ items which has then been put back up on walls and in the public gaze, seems a little fazed here, since there is not enough attention given to here. This serves to show then, what is seen as ‘normal’ and perhaps acceptable, and what isn’t.

I’m not sure how many people would be open to this type of art being displayed in the home, especially due to the materials used, but it does make you think about the concept of traditional art, its uses and how beauty can be found in even the most unexpected places.

Made from from dust, paper, glue and varnish:

Found in an empty tower block:

Painted surface:

Made from household dust and pva glue:

Made using dust, soap, polish:

All images belong to Catherine Bertola