My Week In Pictures: Birthdays, Luxurious Cake and Purple Lipstick

I’ve been having a purple lipstick week this week, which kind of puts me in an 80’s glam-pop star mood (kind of like Jem and the Holograms, which I used to read the comics of as a child). It also kind of feels appropriate with all the birthday cake and tea parties I’ve been having this week (which means I’ve consumed a lot of sugar this week, but hey, what  my dentist doesn’t know…)

I also went to see a good few films this week (X-Men and Godzilla, yaaay) which had plenty of action and blowing stuff up, so it’s been a pretty good week.


Elmo & Moustache Birthday Cupcakes!

These were some scrumptious and bright orange and red beauties created by my baking genius sister, who made these pretties for my birthday. Not sure which ones were my favourite (there were also cupcakes with my face printed on them, which I LOVED), but we all ooh-ed and ahh-ed over them before we stuffed them down our greedy mouths. They tasted good too, chocolate flavour, in case you wondered.

A very good day was had by all : )