A Snapshot View of Tour de France 2014

We were lucky enough to have the Tour de France cyclists whizz past my office today, and of course we all took this as an opportunity to leave the office building for an hour while we cheered passing floats, followed by the superfast cyclists.

We all cheered when they came (although there was a lone, non-Tour-de-France related cyclist who rode past first and got the shock of his life when we all screamed), and there was plenty picture-taking/mobile waving/jumping up and down.

And then, as quick as they came, they left, and the crowd just as quickly dispersed and went back into their offices.

A good way to spend a Monday at work : )




Pics & Tricks: Perspectives – A Car View

It can be interesting to play around with angles of an object to create an optical illusion which can change perspective with different views. One of the things I’ve learned over the years as I’ve gotten more and more interested in photography is how to present an object and make the most of what you see (and think you can see!)

This is a car that I took a photograph of today, which I took from the front to get a flattering angle – the red of this car looks beautiful:


So now you’ve seen the car, here’s what it really is, a toy car! (to be fair, it did look plasticky from the first picture, but I couldn’t hide that!) When the picture is taken from the top and further away as a whole picture, you can see what it is, rather than distorting the picture to show another reality.


So here the pictures are side by side so you can see the difference in angles and zoom – there’s a different effect created in each right? I’d love to try this out with big (and smaller) buildings and landmarks, to see the different end results you get from various angles – something for future posts, I think!

carAlso part of this week’s Photo Challenge: Perspectives

Watch-Bikes and Cog-Cars

Every now and then I’ll come across something truly astonishing and creative, and here’s something which fits that profile. Ukranian-born artist Dmitriy Khristenkho takes broken watches and turns them to spectacular works of art, that is, miniature models of motorbikes, quad bikes and cars. Well, of course they’re going to be be bikes and cars, he’s a boy at heart isn’t he?! My nephews would most definitely love these, that’s for sure. Painstakingly created and glued by hand, Dmitriy uses wristbands as tyres, cogs as windmirrors, and watch-faces as windscreens. His models has also been put up for sale, and seem to be quite popular.

Some beautifully made designs created by Dmitriy, and certainly some very unique designs!

All images belong to Dmirtriy Khristenkho