The Hill Garden and Pergola at Hempstead

I love finding beautiful spaces that are hidden away, London’s secret gems. I recently visited the Hampstead Hill Garden and Pergola, which is a beautiful garden with a walk-through pergola that looks really enchanting. Now that it has hit summer, the garden is blooming with lots of greenery and pretty flowers, and it’s a great place to walk through and enjoy.

Here are a few snaps from my last visit, which was a really enjoyable afternoon. We went during a weekday so it was pretty quiet – perfect for a few isolated shots of a beautful vista!

I’d recommend a visit if you’re ever near the area – it really feels like a secret, hidden away garden, and it’s lovely no matter which time of the year! I visited last year in autumn as well, and the shades of colours look amazing, so don’t worry if you think you can’t see it in the summer season : )

The Grand Details of Leadenhall Market

I recently found myself walking through the beautiful, 14th century Leadenhall Market which is located near Tower Hill. I didn’t realise that the actual market doesn’t run on weekends, so got the chance to see the ornate walls and arches up close and while it was quiet.

There’s something beautiful, yet eerie about walking through these halls – you can see just how much history it carries, and the grandness of it all encapsulates the beauty perfectly. Apparently the Market is situated in the centre of what was Roman London – which just shows that it is so much more than a market or a walkway to it all.

If you’re around the area, I’d recommend a visit through the grand halls of Leadenhall Market so you can explore and feel the weight of the history, and to enjoy the beautiful atmosphere as you walk along.

Harlequin Oddities Found About Town: The Train in the Wall

So I saw this a few days ago, it’s not quite Harry Potter’s platform 9¾ but it’s Hackney’s equivalent! I thought this was pretty cool, a train embedded in a wall high up, right next to a bridge leading to an actual train station. The people on the streets were busy ignoring it when they walked past, but they still managed to notice me stop and take a photo of it!


Weekend Pretty…Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque in Iran

I’ve seen a few  beautiful religious buildings in my time, and a few more beautiful mosques, but this one probably beats most of them. The Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque in Iran is a beautiful one, covered in beautiful stained windows, patterned rugs and beautiful designs on every wall and ceiling. When the word mosque comes to mind, you don’t often think of something like this, I’ve seen some beautiful interiors of mosques myself but a lot of them tend to be a bit less decorative than this and focus more on having wide, clean spaces, although a lot of these also do have lovely decor and paintings too.

I love the fact that the designers of this mosque have made this into a work of art, it’s clearly something beautiful to be admired, a peaceful space to pray in as well as a chance to showcase the art and history of Iran. I’d love to visit this place one day, I have no idea if I’ll visit Iran anytime soon but this is one more reason for me to go!

You can see some more images here and here of this beautiful mosque.






Carl Warner’s Surreal (and Amazing) Foodscapes

Carl Warner is an amazing artist and photographer, whose ‘foodscape pictures have fascinated me, because of the sheer amount of detail, and epic scale of beauty in them. Each photo shows an amazing sculpture made entirely from food, right down to the last detail which I love – my favourite are the landmark pictures like the city-line of London, or the amazing Taj Mahal, and even the Great Wall.

The pictures below are just a few of the amazing works that Carl Warner has created, there’s a lot more on his website which I’d recommend you check out (as well as his Facebook group) – which one do you like best?


All images belong to Carl Warner

Journal Your Ramadan – Day #26: Out and About

Ramadan is drawing to a close, which is keeping all of us quite busy with Eid shopping, food shopping and last-minute chores before that blissful time off work! I’ve been out and about quite a bit in the last week or so, and today was no different – the good thing about the long summer days is that I get to stay out for longer and take my time when shopping. Here’s a few sights I saw today in various places, while shopping and while on the way home.






Harlequin Oddities Found About Town: A Stargate Under City Bridges

This week is about Escape, and with it came a new discovery for me only a couple of days ago – I found a Stargate hidden under the bridges of London, furreals! Finally I know where all the homeless people go to at night (why else would they sleep under this bridge? They’re waiting for us to all leave first), not to mention all those insomniacs who go out for noodles and come back six hours later –  they jump through these portals. (you have to set the right code first or you’ll end up in a wasteland of angry Jaguar-headed baddies).

As you can see, one portal is to jump through, and the other one is to come back from, just don’t lose any body parts on the way back. Bit like those twelve princesses who dance all night and come back with tattered shoes – except you come back with an alien head or something.

Who needs TV and video games to escape, eh?

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